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Public Square: At long last, a virtual space for EV enthusiasts to sound off about the big picture. EV Online has launched its online forum, where users can discuss some of the most important issues facing EV drivers, owners and enthusiasts today.

Previous Announcements

12/16/97 - Immediate Gratification: We're working on integrating immediate threaded email postings into our forum section, so that users can see their comments and criticisms up on the site as soon as they make them. In addition, we're considering the possibility of adding structured real-time chats to the site; if you think this would be a valuable addition to EV Online, let us know.

12/16/97 - Expansion Plans: You may notice that our archive page has its very own coming soon section. We're making plans, and we want to hear what you think of them. Check out our expansion outline page and let us know if we're thinking ahead in the same direction you are.

12/16/97 - Text-only version: At long last, for our users who prefer to preserve bandwidth, the full text-only version of the site is up and operational. Users can access every document and page that's available in the regular version, but this version takes a load off your modem.

10/19/97 - You're kidding, right? Everything's new! Even though we've just gone up, in the future this page will provide weekly updates on the sources we've received from contributors and the new sources we've found. A list of past changes, chronologically listed, will appear as well, so that users can track our progress.

10/19/97 - You're invited to a special public session at the Society for the History of Technology's annual conference. Historians from Europe and the United States will discuss "Historians, Hobbyists and the Electric Vehicle" and answer questions about the role of the electric vehicle in the history of transportation. Join our panelists for refreshments and conversation; bring your cars and show us the future of EVs! Things get under way at 9 a.m. Sunday, October 19, at the Doubletree Hotel in Pasadena, California.

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