EV Organizations



For much of the past 30 years, the EV clubs have been the backbone of the EV movement. While national organizations like the Electric Power Research Institute, the Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency have been sponsoring research on EVs, the clubs and their members have been busy building and driving electric vehicles.

This area will contain descriptions of and documents about these organizations and clubs. We'll try to collect some general information about the major players like EPRI, EVAA, DoE, and EPA, and members of those groups are welcome to add their recollections to EV Online, but our primary focus will be on small organizations like the Electric Auto Association and its many local chapters.

Start at the beginning with a description of the early history of the EAA by founder Walter Laski. Also, check out a digitized version of the original non-profit association application filed by the EAA. Ben Parker has generously sent us the newsletters of the Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California. How about your chapter? Tell us the story of your electric auto club; send us your newsletters and club documents; and we'll add your story to EV Online.

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