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Links to Related Sites

1. BIG Databases

Galaxynet (large database of links to sites on all subjects)

H-Net Home Page (H-Net is a National Endowment for the Humanities-sponsored project which sponsors more than seventy discussion lists and an extensive book review projects; lots of links to other resources for historians)


2. History of Sciences and Technology

Science, Technology & Society links-site

History of Science Society (Research and Funding Tools)

History of Science/Science Studies Reference Sources

NARA Archival Information Locator (NAIL)

Chemical Engineering History

WelchWeb: Welch Medical Library, Johns Hopkins University

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Smithsonian Natural History Home Page


3. Historical Organizations and Associatons

Center for History and New Media

Scholarly Societies on the Web

Society for the History of Technology


4. Biology

HMS Beagle (The BioMedNet Magazine)

Biological Sciences Online Resources

The Life Science Homepage

[Most of the urls on this page are taken from The History Highway. A Guide to Internet Resources by Dennis A. Trinkle, Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharp 1997]


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