Collecting History: Profiles in Science


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Table of Contents

Collecting History: Profiles in Science

Design and Development of a Digital Library System

Lessons learned from an early Digital Library Project

Processing the early Collection

Profiles in Science

Profiles in Science

Profiles Collections

Wide Range of Document Types

Collection -specific Categories of Information

Contextualizing the Content

Tiff and Pdf Documents

Zoom Pdf for Detail

Tiff & Jpeg Documents

Tiff & Jpeg Photographs

High Resolution Tiff

Streaming Video

Search across Full Data Set

Experiment: Profiled Scientist as Interactive User

Sample Annotation

Design of the Profiles in Science System

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Metadata-driven Document Conversion

Metadata: Framework for Collection Management

Metadata: Display and Organization of the Data

Metadata: Networked-based Resource Discovery

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Digital Conversion Projects

Profiles in Science

Author: Alexa McCray


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