Web Resources at the

Chemical Heritage Foundation

I. Topic: "Web as Information Medium for Scholarly Interchange: Implications for Societies/Historians"

II. @ CHF:  "Scholarly interchange" means dialogue with and between chemical organizations, teachers, and historical communities; it is not restricted to historical communities.

III. Uses of the Web/Genesis of Web Resources

A. Written material produced by CHF that is "recycled" for use on the Web. E.g., "Polymers and People".

B. Physical material that is "recycled" in Web format. Nylon exhibit

C. On-line material that has been designed specifically for use on the Web. E.g., Oral history--Sinfelt.

D. Providing logistical information

1. Resources for members of chemical community

a. Links to affiliated institutions

b. Lectures

2. Resources for members of teaching community

a. Information about publications

b. Links to related information within sites of interest

3. Resources for members of historical community

a. Lectures/Symposia

b. Grants and awards

IV. New Possibilities

A. Supporting documentation for CHF programs

B. Project coordination

C. Interdisciplinary bibliographic resources