To: AHI File

Date: April 21, 1967

cc: D. C. Engelbart, John Eikelman

From: Torben Mei
Location J2047
Answering 4032
Subject: Visit by Lee A. Friedman, System Development Corporation, Santa Monica, California


Lee Friedman has a SDC grant to write a book Human Factors in Computer System Design. He gave me the proposal for the project giving the reasons for and purposes of the book.

He contacted me to obtain information about our man-computer work. Lee Friedman is a psychologist; although he probably has some good basic views of his subject, he appears to have virtually no knowledge of the work currently done in various places in the U. S. in the man-computer field.

I gave him a general outline of our program and gave him copies of "ComputerAided Display Control, Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework," and "Augmenting Human Intellect: Experiments, Concepts, and Possibilities." I suggested that he read these reports first and if he had specific questions he could let me know and we would arrange to give him any additional information he might need. I urged him to be economical in his use of our time. He in turn offered to help with information that he might be able to provide.

No further action is needed; however, Friedman may contact Doug Engelbart again later.