Working with the NLS

Many pictures taken of Douglas Engelbart and his researchers show them working with the NLS. Other pictures of people at work at terminals can be found by browsing the Portrait Gallery.

Note in this first sequence that the chord key set has been moved out of reach, and that the operator uses the keyboard exclusively.

This picture likewise shows the chord key set removed to the side, even as the mouse is kept within easy reach.

In contrast, the following sequence shows that the chord key set was used by some members of the research group. Note in particular that the user moves between the chork key set and the keyboard, using one and then the other.

The same user at another workstation again uses both the chord key set and mouse.

The person in this picture also uses the chord key set.

We currently have information about the NLS, but are interested to learn more about how it was used, its performance, how it compared to other computer systems and interfaces, etc..


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