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Earth Sciences

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Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography

Table of Contents GEOREF available via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA)


Indexes will lead you to articles in journals and series and papers in conference proceedings, as well as technical reports. There are three indexes of major importance for Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography.

Most Important Indexes

Other Indexes of Interest

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GEOREF, The Bibliography and index of Geology, (via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts' web-based interface) [1755-present] Stanford only

1785 - Present. Summary: The American Geological Institute's geoscience database containing over 2.2 million records of North America since 1785 and other areas of the world since 1933. It is the equivalent of four major reference publications: Bibliography of North American Geology; Bibliography and index of Geology exclusive of North America; Geophysical abstracts; and, Bibliography and index of Geology. Help is available at the site.

Endnote users: there is a filter for importing records from CSA's version of GeoRef, available from Endnote. None of the CSA provided files are yet searchable using EndNote's Z39.50 capability.

The GeoRef Preview Database consists of references to recent geoscience publications. Caution: This data is in process for inclusion in GEOREF. It may not yet have been indexed, been given a translated title, or been checked by a GEOREF editor when you see it. Each weekend, completed references are removed from the Preview database and transferred to GeoRef, new references are added, and changes are made in the remaining data. Two views of the database are available: Subject and Journal. A word search is also provided. The word search includes all words in the reference, the abstract, if any, and index terms, if the reference has already been indexed.

The GeoRef In Process database or GRIP file is now available from CSA only. Stanford Only. GRIP consists of references to documents published before 1995. The references are from databases and print bibliographies produced by surveys or institutions in: Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia or Spain. These In-Process Records are being edited and indexed, and on completion, will be transferred out of GeoRef in Process, into GeoRef.

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These three databases are available at cost from Dialog. Request a database search as needed; send email to Julie Sweetkind-Singer (Stanford Only).

Geobase (1980 - present) covers the worldwide literature on geography, geology, ecology, their related disciplines. In particular, coverage includes: climatology, landforms, mineralogy, photogrammetry, remote sensing and tectonics. It is the online version of Geographical Abstracts.

Geoarchive (1974 - present) is a British geoscience database, covering geology, geochemistry, geophysics, paleontology, stratigraphy, mathematical geology, planetology, oceanology, and engineering geology. Particular emphasis is given to economic geology, hydrology, water resources, environment, and conservation. Coverage is considered worldwide.

Pascal (1973 - present) is a multidisciplinary database produced by the CNRS (France). It covers all aspects of the earth sciences, as well as biology, chemistry, civil engineering energy, and physics.

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GEOLEX: Geologic Names Lexicon

GEOLEX is a search tool for lithologic and geochronologic unit names. It replaces the Stratigraphic Nomenclature Databases For The United States, Its Possessions And Territories or Lexicon.

Summary: Data compiled from published geologic literature of the U.S. Geological Survey and may be sorted by geographic name, stratigraphic rank, age, geologic province or region, state, author, and specified keywords. Information on more than 10,000 stratigraphic-unit names from the GNULEX database and 20,000 unit names from GEONAMES database are included.

For stratigraphic units not in the United States, consult the: Lexique Stratigraphique International at QE645.I57 in the Branner Library Reference section.

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INSPEC Or Electrical And Electronics Abstracts (1969+) available through LANL. Stanford Only.

1969 - present. Summary: Although INSPEC primarily indexes and abstracts the worldwide literature on geophysics, physics, electrical engineering and electronics, control theory and technology, and computers and computing, you will find topics such as physics of minerals and structural geology in this database also. If you are looking for just published articles, this is one of the best places to look. A brief guide is available.

Endnote users: there is a filter for importing records from LANL's version of Inspec, available from LANL ( None of the LANL provided files are yet searchable using EndNote's Z39.50 capability.

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NOAA & MMS Marine Minerals Bibliography & Geochemical Database

From 1983 through 1992, the National Geophysical Data Center compiled a comprehensive, computerized bibliography and geochemical database on offshore marine mineral deposits as a cooperative effort with the Ocean Minerals and Energy Division of the National Ocean Service of NOAA, and the Office of International Activities and Marine Minerals (INTERMAR) of the Minerals Management Service. Additions to the bibliography and database stopped in 1991. The NOAA & MMS Marine Minerals CD-ROM Data Set, contains the entire NGDC Marine Minerals Bibliography and Geochemical Database and several data files compiled by other organizations. The bibliography and two geochemical databases are searchable on-line on NGDC's web server. The entire CD-ROM data set is available at the Branner Library reserve desk.

The NGDC Marine Minerals Bibliography includes references to present-day marine deposits of ferromanganese nodules and crusts, placers/heavy minerals, phosphorites, and polymetallic sulfides. The final bibliography contains citations from 1831 through 1990. Information in the file includes author, title, publication/serial title, date of publication, language, etc., as well as several key word categories including geographic area and type of study conducted. Key words also include the names of each mineral and each element mentioned in the article.

The NGDC Marine Minerals Geochemical Database contains chemical analyses and auxiliary information on present-day marine deposits of primarily ferromanganese nodules and crusts but also contains some data for heavy minerals.
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National Geologic Map Database

The database indexes geologic, geophysical, geochemical, geochronologic, and paleontologic information. Listed are maps produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, some state geological surveys, and other institutions; coverage is primarily that of U.S. areas. Currently, the database covers primarily, the USGS thematic map series: Geologic Quadrangles, Folios, etc. USGS Open-file maps and state survey maps are in the process of being indexed.

Petroleum Abstracts

The last 10 years are available. Stanford Only. Select the Clients Click Here button.

Summary: Subjects covered include: Geochemistry, Geology, Geophysics, Drilling, Reservoir Engineering & Recovery Methods, Well Logging from the worldwide literature on upstream petroleum operations. Included are conference proceedings, journal articles, government reports, books and patent filings. Paper index available in Branner library covers 1964-present. A guide to search commands is available.

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Publications Of The USGS

An index to the formal Publications of The USGS: Bulletins, Professional Papers, Circulars, Water-Supply Papers, and Thematic Maps is available; this index includes access only by title words. For author index or for a more comprehensive index of USGS publications, including Open-file reports and Water Resources Investigations, use GEOREF, or the Search Publications of the USGS. Both of these databases (GeoRef and Pubs of the USGS) contain references to USGS publications issued 1880-2000; 213 references to reports of the Hayden, King, Powell, and Wheeler surveys; 15,227 references to non-Survey publications by Survey authors which appeared in GEOREF from 1983 to Feb. 1989. Coverage of Open-File reports before 1971 is incomplete. For some Bulletins, Professional papers, and Open-File reports which have chapters, there are separate references for each chapter. Many USGS publications are also listed by author and title in SOCRATES, Stanford's Web-based Catalog .

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Library Catalogs

Use SOCRATES — Stanford's Web-based Catalog to find the location of needed books, journals, maps, data files, and technical reports.

If you can't find what you need in SOCRATES, check other Library catalogs or send a question to (Stanford only) to Branner Reference staff: at

If Stanford doesn't have a document (article, map, book, report) that you need, fill out the appropriate online form:

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Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks

Listed here are a selected few of the dictionaries and handbooks available in Branner library, designed to give you a flavor of the types of information available. Either come in and browse the shelves or browse Socrates if you can't find the information you need in one of these.

  • Atlas of Antarctic Research
  • Britannica Online (Stanford only)
  • Encyclopedia of beaches and coastal environments: Branner Library Reference, QE501 .E56 V.15
  • Encyclopedia of oceanography: Branner Library Reference, QE501 .E56 V.1
  • Encyclopedia of structural geology and plate tectonics: Branner Library Reference, QE501 .E56 V.10
  • English Language Dictionaries
  • GEOLEX: Geologic Names Lexicon [GEOLEX is a search tool for lithologic and geochronologic unit names.]
  • Glossary of Geology: Branner Library Reference, QE5 .B38 1997
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Full Text Materials Note: some titles may be restricted to use by the Stanford community only.

For more complete listings: search SOCRATES — Stanford's Web-based Catalog for the availability of journals, maps or other items. Display the full record to obtain the URL, determine number of accessible volumes, or confirm access restrictions, if any.

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Full text Earth Sciences Monographs: Books, Government Documents, Series Volumes, Technical Reports, Theses Selected

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Data Resources Selected

Note: For GIS Data sets see: Branner Library GIS Data Collection and Web Sites for Digital GIS Data

Search SOCRATES — Stanford's Web-based Catalog for data sets on cd-roms or other media that can be checked out. For best results go to Socrates' expert screen: using an everything field, type "cd or compact or disk or disks or discs or disc or diskette?" AND the subject for which you want the data. For example for earthquakes you might search "earthquake or earthquakes or seismic or seismology" in another everything field. If you retrieve too much either use subject instead of everything OR add the place that you want, for example: subject California. To request additional data sets or help in locating information: send email to Stanford Community Members Only, Please


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Directories, of course, lead you to people, institutions, agencies, addresses, phone numbers, etc.


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These tools are a means of finding photographs, movies, slides or other multi media items related to earth sciences topics.

Photographs from the U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library: earthquakes, volcanoes, geologic hazards, and other phenomena. CD-Rom mount on workstations C and D in Branner; get at circulation desk; may be checked out also.

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Geodynamics Database--Windows

Multimedia Geodynamics Database. CD-ROM mounted on the C workstation in Branner Library, OBTAIN FROM THE REFERENCE DESK IN BRANNER.

Summary: A Multimedia Database of information on 1,508 volcanoes and 89,094 earthquakes worldwide. Program permits plotting earthquake and volcano sites on maps of user's choice, including full color topographic world maps (5 min.) and U.S. (30 second). Coastlines can be drawn in high resolution and national borders may be included. Data available for each volcano and earthquake may be displayed and cross sections of earthquake foci between any two points on a Mercator map may be drawn. Includes archive of 143 visuals covering 6 topics. Supports searching, display, transport, and printing.

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Marine Geology & Geophysics Images

Images available for downloading include: Crustal Ages of the World Ocean draped on relief map, GEOSAT Image of the Southern Ocean, and Sediment Thickness of the Oceans.

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Other Information Resources for Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography

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Guides to Internet Resources for Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography

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Associations, Societies and Organizations

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Government Agencies

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Software Resources for the Earth Sciences

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Web Pages for Universities and Institutions

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Additional Stanford Sites of Interest

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