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This listserv is dedicated to  the sharing of  topical  and technical expertise among catalogers of Hebraica  and   Judaica.    At  present, subscription  is  restricted   to participants in  the Name Authority Cooperative Project (NACO) of the Library of Congress; we  hope  it  will eventually expand  to include other Hebraica/Judaica catalogers worldwide.  In addition  to providing a  forum for discussion of  the technical aspects of cataloging  using  AACR2rev,  the LC  Rule Interpretations,  and Library of Congress Subject Headings, the  list offers access  to LC's Cataloging Policy  and  Support Office  (CPSO).  Information  regarding LC's policies and practices provided via  this list  is  intended to supplement, not replace, access  through subscribers'  NACO liaisons at their respective institutions, or  consultation  of  CPSO  via  Internet. Queries  from HEB-NACO, however,  will  benefit  from on-the-spot  negotiation by  the list's liaison to CPSO,  a cataloger on  LC's Hebraica Team.
For additional information, contact:

Rosalie Katchen, Hebraica Funnel Coordinator 
Joan C. Biella, Library of Congress liaison

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