SPECIAL NOTE: 40th Anniversary Events Honoring Douglas Engelbart

On December 9, 1968, Douglas Engelbart demonstrated several key components of the modern computer, including the mouse and hypertext linking. Two events, on December 8 and December 9, 2008, mark the fortieth anniversary of this historic demonstration. A Program for the Future conference features Steve Wozniak (Apple founder), Tom Malone (MIT, Future of Work), Hiroshi Ishii (MIT Media Lab), and computing pioneers Alan Kay and Andy Van Dam. SRI International is sponsoring a commemorative event featuring participants in the original demonstration.

Engelbart's papers, along with those of other pioneering Silicon Valley technologists, are held in the Silicon Valley Archives. For a brief overview of the archive's collections, see our holdings page. For a finding aid for the Engelbart papers, see the Online Archive of California. Questions about the archive can be directed to Henry Lowood, Curator for the History of Science and Technology Collections.

engelbart's unfinished revolution
human brain and networking diagram
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human eye and video display
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human hand and computer mouse