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The Modern Language Association


National Foreign Language Center Heritage Language Initiatives

Center for Applied Linguistics Heritage Language Initiatives

LSA Endangered Languages Program

Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of America

Spanish Resources including links categorized under "Culture and History," "Music, Radio and Television." "News and Magazines," "Literature and Language," and more.

American Assocation of Teachers of Spanish

Spanish Search Engine

Networking Resources for the Chicana/o and Latina/o Community

Latin Music Online

Spanish/English Language Study Resource

Spanish Dictionary Resources

Spanish and U.S Hispanics: Issues for Discussion An online discussion group sponsered by the Houghton Mifflin Group that "aims to establish the first moderated national forum for the exploration of the wide range of issues that characterize the total Hispanic experience in this country."

To join an email discussion listserve on heritage languages, send mail to

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