Anthropology Minor Program

Requirements for the minor in Anthropology include the following:

  1. A faculty adviser appointed in the Department of Anthropology.
  2. A program of 30 units, with a minimum grade of 'C':
    1. Of the 30 units, 10 units may be approved from related areas of study, overseas studies, and transfer units.
    2. Of the 30 units, a minimum of 15 units must be ANTHRO courses numbered 100 or above.
    3. No more than 5 units of Directed Reading-style course work may be counted towards the minor and may only be included among the 10 related units permitted for the minor.
    4. No more than 5 units may be taken for a satisfactory/no credit grade.
  3. A self-designed course of study chosen from an Anthropology emphasis listed below and approved by the faculty advisor:
    1. Culture and Society
    2. Ecology, Environment and Evolution
    3. Medical Anthropology
  4. A minimum grade of 'C' in two ANTHRO essential courses listed at the 100 level or higher and taught by Anthropology faculty.
  5. At least two quarters of enrollment in the minor. Each candidate for the B.A. Minor in Anthropology should declare by the last day of the quarter at least two quarters before the quarter of degree conferral.

Advising milestones for the minor include the following:

  1. In the quarter in which the minor is declared, the student must meet with his or her assigned adviser, create a rigorous course of study based on topical breadth, and obtain adviser approval for the checklist.
  2. Any revisions to the initial checklist must be approved by the faculty adviser.
  3. Undergraduate Anthropology minors must submit an updated minor checklist and planning form to the undergraduate student services specialist in the quarter before graduating.