Declaring Anthropology as a Minor


  1. Apply for the B.A. Minor in Anthropology on Axess.
    1. Students must apply in Axess for the B.A. Minor in Anthropology by the last day of the quarter at least two quarters before degree conferral.
  2. Fill out the Minor Form (as best of your ability), or contact the department's student peer adviser(s) or the Undergraduate Student Services Specialist to prepare the form.
    1. Your course of study plan may be revised in the future as necessary; any revisions to the initial minor form must be approved by the Student Services Specialist and/or your faculty advisor.
  3. Submit the required forms to the Undergraduate Student Services Specialist to review your Minor Form and request a faculty advisor assignment.
    1. If you already have someone in mind with whom you have taken a class, or whom you have met through an informal gathering, you may send your faculty advisor request to the Undergraduate Student Services Specialist (you may submit up to 3 advisor preferences). Otherwise, the department will assign you a faculty advisor based on your emphasis and research interests.
    2. For a list of Anthropology Faculty, please see If you still need help with choosing a faculty advisor, please stop by the Peer Advising office (50-52D) to speak with Anthropology Peer Advisors.
    3. Please also see, for helpful information on approaching and managing your mentor.
  4. The Student Services Specialist will approve your Anthropology minor request on Axess and add you to the UG Anthropology mailing list.
  5. You will receive written notification of your faculty advisor assignment via email. Once you have been assigned a faculty advisor, meet with your advisor to obtain approval of the Minor Form.
    1. Most Anthropology faculty members will have an office hour sign-up sheet outside of their office. If the sign-up sheet is not available, you may contact your advisor to schedule an appointment to discuss your minor plan and have your form approved.
  6. Bring the approved Minor Form to the Undergraduate Student Services Specialist; your form will be placed in your file.