Delaney, Carol

Selected Publications: 

2011 Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem . Free Press, Simon and Schuster

2011 Investigating Culture: An Experiential Introduction to Anthropology. - 2nd edition with Deborah Kaspin, Wiley- Blackwell Publisher

1998 Abraham on Trial: The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth.  Princeton: Princeton University Press.

1995 Naturalizing Power: Essays in Feminist Cultural Analysis. co-edited with Sylvia Yanagisako. New York: Routledge Press.

1991 The Seed and the Soil: Gender and Cosmology in Turkish Village Society. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Scholarly Articles
2006 "Columbus's Ultimate Goal: Jerusalem." Comparative Studies in Society and History. April.
1994 "Untangling the Meanings of Hair in Turkish Society." Anthropological Quarterly, vol. 67(4): 159-172.
1990 "The Hajj: Sacred and Secular." American Ethnologist, August.
1986 "The Meaning of Paternity in the Virgin Birth Debate." Man, vol. 21(3).