Colonialism and Indigeneity

The legacies and current operations of colonialism are central to anthropological inquiries of the modern world past and present. Stanford anthropologists employ self-reflexive and critical epistemologies to trace the legacies of colonialism in anthropological practice and the department has a history of leadership in "unwrapping the sacred bundle" as reflected in the volume co-edited by Sylvia Yanagisako [Unwrapping the Sacred Bundle: Reflections on the Disciplining of Anthropology. Duke University Press, 2005.] In this volume, Yanagisako underlines the role of settler-colonial nationalism in the making of the disciplinary formation of American anthropology. Stanford archaeologists Mike Wilcox and Barbara Voss practice in-depth scholarship on the history and legacy of Spanish colonization of the Americas, situating that research in a comparative transnational framework. (links to Voss Arch of Ethnogenesis, Voss Arch of Colonalism, Wilcox Pueblo Revolt books).