Medina, Anthony

Anthony Medina
Grad Status: 
Third Year Cohort

I am an historical archaeologist working on educational-heritage and trauma cultures in the Great Lakes region of East Africa. My focus resides in exploring the pragmatic potential of archaeological projects undertaken in communities impacted by traumatic social phenomena. My current project in Bukoba, Tanzania, attempts to locate the intersections of education and archaeology, thereby determining how knowledge of the fading past may serve to reify indigenous cultural identities and history-keeping methods denigrated by trauma and globalization. Working within a 'post-colonial' theoretical framework, I argue that a careful synthesis of education and archaeology may aid in the deconstruction of problematic colonial narratives. I believe that the involvement of a local populace in the intellectual processes of archaeology is both necessary and critical in advancing communally-beneficent, anti-colonial heritage endeavors. I graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in anthropology and English.