Moran, John

Grad Status: 
In the Field

My research interests are organized broadly around concern with how commercial activities and corporate projects make places and place-based identities. This has led to interests including the cultural politics of environmentalism, biodiversity conservation, and resource use; place and place-based identity and belonging; ecological and cultural heritage; economic development; the U.S. “culture wars”; multispecies ethnography; and the environmental humanities.

My dissertation is concerned with the making of eco-regional identity and sustainable development in the United States South, where cultural heritage is a powerful tool for environmentalists and those that seek to implement integrated conservation-development projects. Over twelve months of ethnographic research from summer 2015 to summer 2016, I will work in Apalachicola and Panacea, Florida among seafood workers, green guides, marine aquarists, and state officials.

I am from Tallahassee, Florida and received my BA in anthropology from the University of Florida as a Lombardi Scholar. I have previously conducted research in Botswana and Peru studying investment, charity, and diplomacy by Chinese state-owned enterprises and the regulation of extraction projects.