Alexandra Kelly accepts offer from University of Wyoming


Alexandra Kelly has accepted a tenure-track offer from the University of Wyoming as an Assistant Professor, jointly in the Department of Anthropology and the Department of History.

Alexandra’s dissertation, titled "The Materiality of Globalization: A Historical Anthropology of the East African Ivory Trade,” is an interdisciplinary project that articulates historical anthropology with an archaeological sensibility toward material culture. This work attempts to complicate dichotomous understandings of global trade and produce dynamic and multi-­scalar histories of capitalist incorporation and imperial power. Highlighting the ivory trade between East Africa and the West as an important site of social production, Alexandra uses the object biographies of a collection of ivory artifacts in New England to explore forgotten histories of global connection and problematize contemporary heritage discourse concerning Africa.

Prior to coming to Stanford, Alexandra received an M.A. in Social Sciences and a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago.