Fenwick, Corisande

Grad Status: 

Corisande’s research looks at state and empire formation in Late Antique North Africa. Her dissertation brings together the material and textual evidence from the late Roman to the early Medieval period to examine the ways in which different social, ethnic and religious groups defined themselves, and critically the ways these groups related to each other and to larger political entities like the Roman Empire and Caliphate. Her other research interests include funerary archaeology, the politics of archaeology and anthropology in North Africa and postcolonial theory. She is also working towards an MA in Ancient History in the Department of Classics.

Prior to her arrival at Stanford, Corisande studied at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL where she earned a BA in Archaeology, Classics and Classical Art. She has carried out archaeological fieldwork on Roman and medieval sites in the UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Israel and is currently supervising the excavations of the medieval cemetery of San Pietro di Villamagna in Italy. This year she is a SSRC-IDRF fellow and will spend her time conducting a field survey in Morocco and archival research in Europe.