Domanska, Ewa - Visiting Associate Professor


Ewa's website

Ewa Domanska holds her permanent position as associate professor of theory and history of historiography in the Department of History, Adam Mickiewicz University at Poznan, Poland and she is cooperating with Stanford since 2000. Her teaching and research interests include comparative theory of the human and social sciences, history and theory of historiography, posthumanities and ecological humanities. She is the author and editor of 16 books. Her more recent publications: Existential History. Critical Approach to Narrativism and Emancipatory Humanities (in Polish, 2012); History and the Contemporary Humanities: Studies in Theory of Historical Knowledge (in Ukrainian, 2012); Re-Figuring Hayden White (ed. with Frank Ankersmit and Hans Kellner, Stanford UP, 2009); French Theory in Poland (ed. with Mirosław Loba, 2010, in Polish). While at Stanford, she will teach course: Technologies of Extinctions: Genocides and Ecocides (Anthro 339A). See Syllabus.