Kunanbaeva, Alma - Lecturer


Dr. Alma Kunanbaeva specializes in cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology, storytelling, and linguistics. Native of Kazakhstan, she defended Ph.D. from the State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography in St. Petersburg, Russia. While in Russia, she was the Chairman of the Research Department of Ethnography of the Peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus, at the State Ethnographic Museum of the Peoples of the former USSR in then Leningrad. Since 1993 she has taught anthropological and linguistic courses at various American universities. Presently she is Visiting Professor at Stanford University, teaching such courses as “Nomads of Eurasia,” “Women in Islam,” “Folklore, Mythology, and Oral Literature of Central Asia”, among others. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles including the principal encyclopaedic entries on Kazakh traditional music in the New Grove's Dictionary of Music & Musicians (Second Edition, vol. 13, UK, 2001), in the Garland Encyclopaedia of World Music (vol. 6, N.Y., 2002), and in the Encyclopaedia of Women's Folklore and Folklife (Greenwood Press, forthcoming 2008.) She is a co-author (with Wayne Eastep as a photographer) of "The Soul of Kazakhstan," the book published in New York in 2001.