Garvey, Raven - Lecturer

Ph.D. UC Davis, 2012

I am an archaeologist, most interested in cultural evolution and the ways ecological, demographic and social factors influence human behavior. I believe that an effective way to study these influences is through simple models that reduce the complexities of human behavior to a tractable number of variables, a method that often leads to counterituitive insights. My current projects in Mendoza Province, Argentina use such models to generate predictions of hunter-gatherer settlement and resource use and to understand adaptive responses to climatic changes, particularly a widespread and prolonged trend of warmer, drier conditions during the middle Holocene (8000-4000 BP). I use large scale archaeological surveys, geochemical and microscopic studies of obsidian (volcanic glass) and morphometric analyses of stone tools to collect data for these studies.

Selected Publications: 

Selected publications:
Garvey, R. (in press) El Uso de la Hidratación de Obsidianas en el Sur de Mendoza, Argentina ("The Use of Obsidian Hydration in Southern Mendoza, Argentina"; in Spanish). In Paleoecología Humana del Sur de Mendoza, edited by G. Neme and A. Gil. Sociedad Argentina de Antropología: Buenos Aires.

Garvey, R. and R. Bettinger (in press) Adaptive and Ecological Approaches to the Study of Hunter-Gatherers. In The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Garvey, R. (in press) A Model of Lithic Raw Material Procurement. In Lithic Technological Systems: Stone, Human Behavior, Evolution, edited by Nathan Goodale and William Andrefsky, Jr. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

Neme, G., A. Gil, R. Garvey, C. Llano, A. Zangrando, F. Franchetti, C. deFrancesco and C. Michieli (2011) El Registro Arqueológico de la Gruta de el Manzano y sus Implicancias para la Arqueologia de Nordpatagonia ("The Archaeological Record of Gruta de el Manzano and Its Implications for the Archaeology of North Patagonia"; in Spanish). Magallania 39:243-265.

Garvey, R. (2008) A Behavioral Ecological Approach to a Proposed Middle Holocene Occupational Gap. Before Farming, 2008/2, article 2.

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