Name Title Research Interests
Bauer, Andrew Assistant Professor Intersections of social inequalities, landscape histories, and modern framings of nature in South India
Curran, Lisa Professor Political ecology of land use; governmental policies/transnational firms; natural resource sector (e.g., logging, agribusiness and mining); ecological dynamics; land rights/rural livelihoods; NGOs/protected areas/donor agencies; REDD carbon payments; corruption; Asia/Latin America.
Durham, William H. Professor Biological anthropology, ecological and evolutionary anthropology, cultural evolution, conservation and community development, resource management, environmental issues; Central and South America.
Ebron, Paulla A. Associate Professor Comparative cultural studies, nationalism, gender, discourses of identity; Africa, African-America.
Ferguson, James Professor Political anthropology, social and cultural theory, southern Africa
Fox, James A. Associate Professor Linguistic anthropology, historical linguistics, biology and evolution of language, archaeological decipherment, settlement of the New World, mythology, computational methods; Mesoamerica, Americas.
Fullwiley, Duana Associate Professor The Anthropology of science; Medical anthropology; Genetics and identity; Economic anthropology; Global health politics; Africanist anthropology; Race; Health disparities; Environmental resource scarcity as a source of ethnic conflict, Senegal, West Africa, France, and the United States.
Garcia, Angela Associate Professor Medical and psychological anthropology; violence, suffering and care; addiction, morality and science; subjectivity; ethnographic writing; Unites States, Mexico.
Hansen, Thomas Blom Professor Broad interests spanning South Asia and Southern Africa, several cities and multiple theoretical and disciplinary interests from political theory and continental philosophy to psychoanalysis, comparative religion and contemporary urbanism
Hodder, Ian Professor Archaeological theory, the archaeology and cultural heritage of Europe and the Middle East, excavations in Turkey, material culture.
Inoue, Miyako Associate Professor linguistic anthropology, semiotics, linguistic modernity, media archaeology, cybernetics, anthropology of writing, inscription devices, materialities of language, social organizations of documents (filing systems, filing cabinets, index cards, copies, archives, paperwork), voice/sound/noise, soundscape, technologies of liberalism, gender, urban studies, Japan, East Asia.
Jain, S. Lochlann Associate Professor Jain’s research interests include extra-legal forms of communications, such as warning signs and medical apologies; queer studies; art and design.
Klein, Richard G. Professor Paleoanthropology; Africa, Europe.
Kohrman, Matthew Associate Professor Medical anthropology, governmentality, illness experience, gender, China.
Luhrmann, Tanya Marie Professor The social construction of psychological experience, social practice and the way people experience their world, the domain of what some would term the "irrational"
Malkki, Liisa Professor Historical anthropology; historical consciousness and memory; mass displacement and exile; racial essentialism and mass violence; nationalism and internationalism; the ethics and politics of humanitarianism; religion and contemporary missions in Africa; religion and globalization; social uses of the category, art, and the politics of visuality.
Meskell, Lynn Professor UNESCO and its World Heritage program, South African heritage and conservation, Egyptian archaeology, identity and sociopolitics, materiality and feminist theory
Rick, John W. Associate Professor Prehistoric archaeology and anthropology of band-level hunter-gatherers, stone tool studies, analytical methodology, animal domestication; Latin America, Southwestern U.S.
Seetah, Krish Assistant Professor Zooarchaeology, human-animal relationships, colonialsm, Indian Ocean World
Tambar, Kabir Assistant Professor Religion and secularism, pluralism and nationalism, the politics of affect, Islam, Middle East, Turkey
Thiranagama, Sharika Assistant Professor Ethnicity, Violence, Gender, Kinship, Displacement, Political Anthropology and Political Theory, Sri Lanka, South Asia
Voss, Barbara Associate Professor historical archaeology, archaeology of colonialism, culture contact, Spanish-colonial archaeology, overseas Chinese archaeology, postcolonial theory, gender and sexuality studies, queer theory, cultural resource management, public archaeology, community-based research, California archaeology
Wilcox, Mike V. Associate Professor (Teaching) postcolonial approaches to archaeology; ethnic identity and conflict; political and historical relationships between Native Americans and anthropologists and archaeologists.
Yanagisako, Sylvia Chair and Professor Anthropology of capitalism, transnationalism, social and cultural theory, feminist theory. U.S., Italy.