First Year Cohort

Name Research Interests
Alexandrino Ocana, Grace Andes; heritage concepts in Latin America, tangible cultural heritageĀ“s social use, public policies for cultural heritage sites, UNESCOS role in Latin America, education and heritage, social approach to archaeology multi-ethnic identities, race relations, ethnographic methods.
Christians, Paul Cultural heritage, preservation, community archaeology, development, ethics
Colon, Eli Dominican diaspora, gender performance, transnationalism, race relations
Huang, Shan transnationalism, mediation, psycho-therapy, empathy, linguistic anthropology, sound and noise, STS, governmentality, China
Maass, Claire Archaeology of Enslavement; African Diaspora Archaeology; Archaeology of Health and Medicine; Spanish Colonial Americas
Navarro, Jose-Alberto anthropology of decision-making; rationality and choice theory; risk and reward; credit; ecosystems of trust; stress, happiness and productivity; quality of life; programming environments
Ng, Laura historical archaeology; Chinese diaspora; race; ethnicity; Western United States
Seward, Pablo psychological, medical, linguistic, and political anthropology