First Year Cohort

Name Research Interests
Alexandrino Ocana, Grace Andes; heritage concepts in Latin America, tangible cultural heritageĀ“s social use, public policies for cultural heritage sites, UNESCOS role in Latin America, education and heritage, social approach to archaeology multi-ethnic identities, race relations, ethnographic methods.
Anderson, Mary-Catherine
Christians, Paul
Colon, Eli Dominican diaspora, gender performance, transnationalism, race relations
Huang, Shan
Maass, Claire The dynamic and complex exchange of materials, ideas, and traditions between African American slaves and Spanish colonizers in contact-period Latin America
Navarro, Jose-Alberto
Ng, Laura historical archaeology; Chinese diaspora; race; ethnicity; Western United States
Seward, Pablo Ontology, semiotics, care, and subjectivity in relation to traditional and modern forms of knowledge; ethnographic film and other non-discursive representational logics; Easter Island, Latin America.