Lecturers and Teaching Fellows

Name Research Interests
Coombe, Rosemary - Lecturer
Costanzo, Cari - lecturer Social and cultural anthropology, historical memory, discourses of identity, race, class, and gender, social networks, transnationalism, contemporary urbanism.
Engel, Claudia - Lecturer Use of technology for anthropological research and teaching, GIS, mapping, US Sea Islands.
Garvey, Raven - Lecturer archaeology, Argentina, human behavioral ecology, hunter-gatherers, stone tool technologies
Jennings, Ronald - Lecturer Democracy, conflict and transitional justice, law, sovereignty and the state, political modernity, universalism and cosmopolitanism, globalization, legal and political anthropology, international criminal courts, The Hague, Africa
Kunanbaeva, Alma - Lecturer
Murphy-Shigematsu - Lecturer