News and Announcements

meat_small.jpg Why do humans eat meat?
john_rick_small.jpg< Stanford archaeologist traces the origins of authority to the Andes of Peru
SAR_small.jpg Lochlann Jain to receive J.I. Staley Prize for her book Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us
Drug_small.jpg Interview with Angela Garcia on Drug Addition, Violence, and Poverty in Mexioco
rock_art_small.jpg Rock Art and Regional Identity: A Comparative Perspective
Jim Ferguson's photo James Ferguson on the politics of a post-jobs economy
anthropology_and_medicine_small.jpg Exploring the Benefits of Pursuing Anthropology and Medicine
chatal_small.jpg Stanford anthropologist delves into Neolithic life in Turkey
SEED_small_0.jpg Anthropology doctoral candidates Hilary Chart and Maron Greenleaf receive SEED award
fish_small.jpg Jim Ferguson's new book Give a Man a Fish examines the politics of distribution in southern Africa and beyond
smoking.jpg Stanford students come up with creative ways to fight big tobacco
fulbright logo Three anthropology students awarded Fullbright fellowship
HBES_small.jpg Paper by James Jones and Rebecca Bird win The Margo Wilson Award for best paper published in Evolution and Human Behavior in 2014
Photo of Richard Klein The April 2015 special issue of Journal of Archaeological Science honors Richard Klein’s outstanding contribution to archaeology
Arthur Wolf photo Arthur Wolf, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation Professor in Human Biology, dies at 83
kabir_small.png Professor Kabir Tambar's blog post on Remembering the Armenian Genocide
lynn_newbook_small_0.jpg Professor Lynn Meskell's new book examines the practice and politics of global heritage preservation and its resulting social implications
DuanaFullwiley7-28-14_small.jpg Professor Duana Fullwiley to participate in congressional briefing on the social implications of genetic technologies
Tanya_buhda_small.jpg Professor Tanya Luhrmann discusses how spirituality is shaped through cultural understandings
maglignant.jpg Professor Lochlann Jain's new book, Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us, wins multiple awards
tanya_news.jpg Professor Tanya Luhrmann found hallucinatory 'voices' are shaped by local culture
fruits of oil palm Surprising findings on the risks associated with oil palm cultivation
duana_small_0.jpg Duana Fullwiley's Book, The Enculturated Gene, wins the 2014 Robert B. Textor Prize for Excellence in Anticipatory Anthropology
laurajones_small.jpg Anthropology Alumna Laura Jones wins Amy J. Blue Award
kabir_booksmall.jpg Kabir Tambar on “The Reckoning of Pluralism”
AES logo Third Year PhD student Alexa Hagerty wins America Ethnological Society's Parsons Prize
GrawemeyerPrize Professor Tanya Luhrmann wins Grawemeyer religion prize
teaching Using iPads to facilitate teaching in class
New research article in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Biological Sciences
maglignant.jpg Professor Lochlann Jain's new book focuses her latest research on cancer and how it impacts all aspects of society.
jamie.jpg Researchers study dynamics of workers at poultry farms and markets to track bird flu
jferguson_small.jpg Two Recent Articles by Professor James Ferguson
coll_0.jpg Anthropology Lecturer Kathleen Coll receives Phi Beta Kappa teaching award
chinatown.jpg Stanford exhibit of San Jose's lost Chinatown brings archaeology out of the laboratory
anna.jpg Anthropology Junior Anna Ntiriwah-Asare receives 2013 Dean's Award for Academic Achievement
Fullwiley_Enculturated_small.jpg Duana Fullwiley wins Amaury Talbot Prize for most valuable work of African anthropology
image of italian clothing store Made in translation: Exploring Italian-Chinese collaborations in fashion
krish_img_small.jpg Crusading and Colonisation Project highlighted in Science
tanyabookcover_small.jpg "When God Talks Back" selected as a NYT Notable Book of 2012
agarcia_announce_small.jpg Angela Garcia wins Victor Turner Prize in Ethnographic Writing
ethnography.jpg Special issue of Ethnography on "Infrastructural Violence"
palm_oil.jpg Oil Palm Plantations Clearing Carbon-Rich Tropical Forests
jhj_image.jpg The coming plague: How humans are changing the landscape of disease
milky_way.jpg Comparative Wests: A Summer of Creating, Restoring, and Maintaining Country
voss.jpg Market Street Chinatown: History and Archaeology
commencement_0.jpg Congratulations Anthropology Class of 2012!
tanya_1.jpg Luhrmann's new book asks how God becomes real to people
jim_youtube.jpg Who majors in Anthropology?
Çatalhöyük dig site A study of two historical sites shows different paths to protecting cultural heritage
hadza.png Jamie Jones Received National Science Foundation Award for his Hadza Research Project
cigarette The Anthropology of Tobacco
Australia fire Aboriginal hunting buffers climate-driven fire-size variability in Australia’s spinifex grasslands
Portraiture and Proximity: ‘Official’ Artists and the State-ization of the Market in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan
arch.png Coverage of the Whitewater Project on CBC Radio and TV
pastedGraphic.jpg Mismeasuring Skulls: New Research Resolves Historical Controversy, Shows Science Resists Bias
waru_summary.jpg Waru! Holding Fire in Australia's Western Desert
Congratulations Anthropology Class of 2011!
ianH.jpg Ian Hodder receives Honorary Doctorate
globe Reflections on childhood, youth and poverty in Egypt
brenna.jpg Modern humans originated in southern Africa
lochlann.jpg Think Twice: Cancer Culture in the United States
johnrick.jpg Ancient shells meet high-tech
Stanford research follows spread of flu in high school
lochlann.jpg Too Young for Cancer?
adrian.jpg Google Earth Shows Clandestine Worlds
bryn.jpg Monterey Excavation Reveals Chinese Fishing Village
MikeWilcox_0.jpg Walking in Two Worlds
silkRoad_small.jpg Sylvia Yanagisako to Present at 2010 Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures
matthew_new_1.jpg Mapping Cigarette Factories Around the World
stefan.jpg Stanford Anthropology Alumnus wins Gregory Bateson Book Prize
hopkins_coin.jpg Unearthing History of Chinese Immigrant Life
prairie dog_0.jpg Plague Outbreaks in Prairie Dog Populations Explained by Percolation Thresholds of Alternate Host Abundance
adrien_1.jpg Whitewater PoW Camp Blog Named as Top Five Archaeology Bloggers
tanya.jpg What students can teach us about iPhones
martu_0.jpg Martu Hunting Practices Reshapes Western Australia Desert Habitats
epidemic Social Networks - Key to Heading Off an Epidemic
iphone.jpg Addicted to your iPhone?
mike_2.jpg Retelling the History of New Mexico's Native Americans
martu Learning the Hard Way
mwilcox book New Book By Professor Michael Wilcox
Professor Jim Ferguson to Speak at the 2009 Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures
The Department of Anthropology Welcomes Professor Lisa Curran
Congratulations to our 2009 Graduates
The Stanford Anthropology Reception at the AAA Annual Meeting 2009
RKlein_Human_Career New Books by Anthropology Faculty Klein and Meskell
FireStickFarming Aboriginal Burning Produces Local Biodiversity in Australia’s Desert
New Books by Barb Voss