Second Year Cohort

Name Research Interests
Busacca, Gesualdo human-animal relationship and their conceptualization in the ‘cognitive map’ of prehistoric societies
Chahim, Dean Postdevelopment theory, science and technology studies (STS), political economy, infrastructures, globalization, critical geography, postcolonialism, political ecology, engineering, NGOs, hydropolitics, critical pedagogy, applied and activist anthropology, Afghanistan, Nicaragua.
Gray, Byron Social Theory; South Asian Society and History; Indian Christianity and Islam; Colonial and Post-Colonial Society; Power, Discourse, & Practice; Law and the State; Feminism; Modernity and Secularism as Discourse; Ideologies of Democracy; Religion as everyday experience; Urban Spaces.
Jones, Torin China, Nigerian immigration, governance, intimacy, citizenship, racialization.
Kendra, Allison Environmental Anthropology; Political Ecology; Geography; Land Change Science; Tropical Conservation and Development; Latin America; Peru
Mazzucato, Camilla urban development and spatial arrangement of Neolithic megasites, the Neolithic in the Levant and Turkey, network analysis and digital mapping (GIS), spatial analysis, religion/ritual/cults
Moots, Hannah Paleoecology; Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction; Archaeogenetics; Human Ecology and Evolution; STEM/STEAM Education
Springer, Alana Environmental anthropology; common pool resource management; community based resource management; co-management; governance; collective action; socio-ecological systems; Polynesia; New Zealand
Ussakli, Kerem law, sovereignty, constitution-making / ethics & aesthetics / Kurds; Iraq, Turkey
Xie, Tianyu Infrastructure (Subway), Bureaucracy and Entrepreneurialism in State-Owned Enterprise, Technology and Development, Governmentality, Neoliberalism and Socialism, Second-Tier Cities in China