AEP Application Process

Applicants must submit to the Applied Physics Department a hard copy of the following materials to form a complete application package:

•  Application for Admission1

•  Preliminary Program Proposal Form1

•  Two Letters of Recommendation from Members of the Stanford Faculty1

•  Statement of Purpose2

•  Unofficial Transcript

•  Supplemental Form3

1.        use University forms available at

2.        no more than two pages please

3.        supplemental form available on departmental website at


In order to succeed in our coterminal program, we believe that each student must have formal technical courses in mathematics at the level of MATH 41, 42, 51-53 and physics at the level of PHYSICS 41, 43, 45 as well as exposure to topics in elementary quantum mechanics. In order to fulfill the prerequisite for elementary quantum mechanics, we require that students have taken one of the following: PHYSICS 130, CHEM 173 or MATSCI 157.


For Autumn 2013 matriculation, the coterm paper application package must be submitted to the Applied Physics Department by the fourth Friday of Summer Quarter 2012-2013.


For Winter 2013-2014 and beyond, applications will be due on the last day of Spring Quarter for Autumn matriculation and on the fourth Friday before the end of the previous quarter for Winter and Spring matriculation.