Condensed Matter Physics

Developing and characterizing novel materials; quantum many-body physics; nanoscale and ultrafast probes; applications ranging from energy science to molecular and cellular biology.

Featured AP Faculty

  • Beasley

    Malcolm R. Beasley

    Recent studies have indicated that no known superconductor is able to meet the needs of electric power applications above liquid nitrogen temperature and therefore a new high temperature superconductor is required. Along with three other universiti... More >>

  • doniach

    Sebastian Doniach

    I am working on the overlap between statistical mechanics and biomolecular kinetics in terms of analytic solutions of the Fokker Planck equation for simplifies models of molecular motion. This work is being done in collaboration with Joel Franklin of... More >>

  • FisherDS

    Daniel S. Fisher

    Research in theoretical condensed matter physics in recent years has included: dynamics of glasses, phase transitions and dynamics of quantum and classical disordered materials, and quantum dissipation in superconductors. More >>

  • Fisher

    Ian R. Fisher

    Our research group is based in the Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials at Stanford University. In broad terms, we study materials with unconventional magnetic and electronic properties, with the general aim of obtaining a deeper understanding o... More >>

  • shanhuifan

    Shanhui Fan

    Some of the theoretical and computational techniques are directly borrowed from condensed matter theory. The applications of these techniques into photonics area also deepen one's understanding of many of the issues in theoretical and computational c... More >>

  • tgthumb

    Theodore H. Geballe

    There are regions in the phase diagrams of the high Tc cuprate superconductors where tantalizing clues of strong new pairing mechanisms exist. I collaborate with Ian Fisher, and Wendy Mao using chemical and high pressure techniques, and with Mac Beas... More >>

  • GoldhaberGordon

    David Goldhaber-Gordon

    The primary focus of the Goldhaber-Gordon lab is the experimental investigation of condensed matter physics in low-dimensional materials. Our current experiments cover an extensive range of materials and physical systems. Utilizing the resources of t... More >>

  • Heinz Mar 2014 final__

    Tony Heinz

    We are interested in the fundamental properties of electronic states and phonons in novel nanoscale materials and structures, including carbon nanotubes, graphene, and the transition metal dichalcogenides, such as MoS2. We examine the materials prim... More >>

  • Harold010605

    Harold Y. Hwang

    Materials physics: Probing correlated electrons at artificial interfaces and in confined systems; Atomic scale synthesis and control of complex oxide heterostructures; Low-dimensional superconductivity; Novel devices based on interface states in oxid... More >>

  • aknew

    Aharon Kapitulnik

    Condensed matter physics; Physics of low-dimensional systems; Disordered and Strongly correlated electron systems; Superconductivity, magnetism, quantum phase transitions. More >>

  • lee_young

    Young Lee

    The Lee group's research involves studies of novel electronic and magnetic materials in single crystalline form. The goal is to understand the properties of correlated electron systems and quantum spin systems, with an eye toward discovering new mate... More >>


    Benjamin Lev

    Our research projects aim to create novel quantum mesophases---quantum liquid crystals, superglasses---through the introduction to the ultracold atomic physics toolbox of 1) long-range, anisotropic interactions via laser-cooled dipolar dysprosium gas... More >>

  • Moler

    Kathryn A. Moler

    My group and I develop nanomagnetic probes for fundamental studies in experimental condensed matter physics. More >>

  • Reis

    David A. Reis

    My research interests include ultrafast processes in the solid state and fundamental light-matter interactions. My group investigates nonequilibrium dynamics in solids with atomic level spatial and temporal resolution. Of particular interest are ult... More >>

  • zxshenphoto-Nov 10 - 2011

    Zhi-Xun Shen

    Quantum many-body physics in strongly-correlated electron and other novel quantum systems. Examples include high-temperature superconductors, Fe-pnictide superconductors, topological quantum matter, density wave materials, quantum system with constr... More >>

  • YuriSuzuki

    Yuri Suzuki

    My group studies novel ground states and functionality in thin films and heterostructures. We exploit recent advances in atomically precise heteroepitaxy of complex oxides to develop new materials and to probe novel interface phenomena. Many of these... More >>

  • Yamamoto

    Yoshihisa Yamamoto

    Dynamical condensation and superfluidity of exciton polaritons. BKT phase transition and BCS crossover. Quantized vortex-pairs and Bogoliubov excitation spectrum. Quantum simulation of Ising model and Hubbard model with exciton polariton condensate... More >>

Additional Stanford/SLAC Faculty

  • kivelson_steven

    Steven A. Kivelson

    I am interested in the qualitative understanding of the macroscopic and collective properties of condensed matter systems, and on the relation between this and the microscopic physics at the single electron or single molecule scale. I have been parti... More >>

  • manoharan_hari

    Hari Manoharan

    Throughout history, humans have sought to expand their mastery of the material world. Our ability to manipulate matter has been continuously refined, extending to constructions of colossal size and extreme complexity. Progress in the diametric dire... More >>

  • qi-biophoto-sm

    Xiao-Liang Qi

    Topological phenomena are the phenomena which are determined by some topological structure in the physical system, which are thus usually universal and robust against perturbations. For example, two famous topological phenomena are the flux quantizat... More >>

  • Devereaux

    Thomas P. Devereaux

    My group develops numerical methods and theories of photon-based spectroscopies of strongly correlated materials. The goal of his research is to understand electron dynamics via a combination of analytical theory and numerical simulations to provide ... More >>

  • mao-photo

    Wendy L. Mao

    Our group is studying the behavior of materials at extreme conditions (i.e. high pressure, variable temperature, high radiation fluxes) with application to condensed matter physics and chemistry. In particular we are looking at strongly correlated sy... More >>

  • reed_evan

    Evan J. Reed

    We are engaged in theory and modeling for ultrafast science, photonics, electronics, and materials under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. Recent research topics include shock and other forms of dynamic compression of materials, ultraf... More >>

  • Fetter

    Alexander L. Fetter

    My work over the past decade has focused on the behavior of ultra-cold dilute quantum gases. This rapidly evolving area has spanned the fields of atomic physics and condensed matter physics, borrowing from both, with many spectacular new results. I a... More >>

  • Block

    Steven M. Block

    The Block lab, which carries out research in the area of single molecule biophysics, explores the nanoscience of life. Nature’s own nanoscale machines, which include proteins and nucleic acids, are complex macromolecules that are exquisitely ‘de... More >>

  • Osheroff
  • VijayPandeLargeColor

    Vijay S. Pande

    My research centers around the statistical mechanics of soft materials, including proteins, DNA, and lipid membranes. More >>

  • Vuckovic

    Jelena Vuckovic

    Density of phonon states in nanostructures, phonon-photon interaction in semiconductor quantum dots. More >>

  • surya

    Surya Ganguli

    We employ techniques from statistical mechanics, like replica theory and random matrix theory, to analyze the complex dynamics of learning, signal propagation and memory in neuronal networks. We also have an interest in exploiting statistical mechan... More >>

  • WillGreenleaf

    William Greenleaf

    The cell faces a spectacular topological challenge in packing meters of chromosomal DNA inside a ~5 micron nucleus. The solution to this challenge is the hierarchical folding of genomic DNA into regulated structures, from DNA-wrapped histone particle... More >>

  • Bucksbuam

    Philip H. Bucksbaum

    I have an interest in elemental condensed systems in extreme environments produced by laser interactions. I have studied extremely undercooled silicon, and I am currently reviving my interest in this due to new opportunities to study ultracold syste... More >>

  • kasevich

    Mark A. Kasevich

    Quantum simulation with atomic systems. More >>

Recent Graduates

  • Xiong, Hongyu

    Dissertation: Photoemission Study of Exotic Quantum States in ZrTeX and Development of New Spin-Resolved Spectrometer

  • Celaschi@AAMU
  • Rosenberg, Aaron

    Dissertation: Local Control of Magnetic Anisotropy

  • Alex_Panchula
  • ZhuoluoVisaPic
  • plonka
  • IMG_8156_cropped_color

    Scaccabarozzi, Luigi

    Dissertation: Aluminum Gallium Arsenide/Aluminum Oxide-Based Submicron Waveguides and Resonant Cavities for Non-Linear Optics

  • Eastlake

    Lu, Mingwu

    Dissertation: Quantum Bose and Fermi Gases of Dysprosium: Production and Initial Study

  • Samulon, Eric

    Dissertation: Magnetic Phases of the Frustrated Spin Dimer Compound Ba3Mn2O8

  • DSC_0650

    Vishik, Inna

    Dissertation: Distinguishing Electronic Phases in Cuprates Using ARPES

  • SuchitraS_HS_038_LowRes

    Sebastian, Suchitra

    Dissertation: Bose-Einstein Condensation in Spin Dimer Compounds

  • eric hoke

    Hoke, Eric

    Dissertation: Factors that Influence the Open Circuit Voltage and Stability of Polymer: Fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells

  • IMG_2369

    He, Ruihua

    Dissertation: Experimental Studies of High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors with Density Wave Correlations

  • Capture

    Burkhard, George

    Dissertation: Exciton Recombination in the Fullerene Phase of Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells

  • annicablack-schaffer

    Black-Schaffer, Annica

    Dissertation: Electronic Correlations and Superconductivity in Graphite and Graphene

  • MichaelJura

    Jura, Michael

    Dissertation: Imaging Electron Flow, Interference, and Interactions in High-Mobility Two-Dimensional Electron Gases

  • Hicks_smallPhoto

    Hicks, Clifford W.

    Dissertation: Scanning SQUID Microscopy on Iron-Pnicide & Time-Reversal-Symmetry-Breaking Superconductors

  • PortraitIPhO

    Chabot-Couture, Guillaume

    Dissertation: Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Studies of Anomalous Oxygen Order in Superconducting Mercury Barium Copper Oxide & of Charge-transfer Excitations in Related Undoped Lamellar Copper Oxides

  • 79_033 zoomed compressed

    Cizek, Nick

    Dissertation: Interplay of Attractive Interactions and Trap Anisotropy in Bose-Einstein Condensates

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