Condensed Matter Physics

Our research projects aim to create novel quantum mesophases---quantum liquid crystals, superglasses---through the introduction to the ultracold atomic physics toolbox of 1) long-range, anisotropic interactions via laser-cooled dipolar dysprosium gases, and 2) fully emergent optical lattices via multimode cavity QED. In addition, we are harnessing newly developed quantum manipulation tools such as the cryogenic atom chip to create a novel magnetic field microscope for imaging transport and exotic magnetism in strongly correlated materials.

Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering

Development of hybrid quantum circuits involving ultracold gases of highly magnetic atoms for quantum information networks. Development of novel atom chip microtraps of dysprosium for scaleable quantum memory directly interfaced with technologically relevant microwave and optical photons.

Lasers and Accelerators

Applications of high power and narrow linewidth lasers for the cooling, trapping, and spectroscopy of exotic atoms. Applications of frequency stabilized multimode resonators to the study of quantum soft matter in many body cavity QED. Laser trapping quantum degenerate gases in static or fully emergent optical lattices.