About the TAG 2009 Conference

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Stanford Archaeology Center is pleased to be hosting the second US meeting of the
Theoretical Archaeology Group: May 1-3, 2009, Stanford University, Palo Alto

The intention of this TAG conference is to provide a forum for the diverse and interesting theoretical perspectives that exist in the United States, and to bring together both Classical and anthropological archaeology. TAG was founded in Great Britain in 1979 with the aim of exploring inter-disciplinary theoretical issues and discussing their application and use in archaeological interpretation. It has always been an exploratory venue for progressive and innovative archaeological research. The annual conference meeting is an important part of the TAG mission and these meetings have recently started at universities in the United States, with the 2008 meeting being held at Columbia University in New York City.

TAG is centered around a plenary session in which a handful of scholars will comment on this year's theme, "The Future of Things". Our plenary speakers are Rosemary Joyce (University of California Berkeley), Stephen Shennan (University College London), Webb Keane (University of Michigan), and Michael Schiffer (University of Arizona). The plenary session will be held at 5:30pm on Friday 1st May in the Cubberely School of Education Auditorium, and will be followed by a wine reception. This event is open to all.

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