Theoretical Archaeology Group_Turkey 2014


Just received the announcement for the next TAG_Turkey from Kenan Eren:

The second annual Theoretical Archaeology Group_Turkey meetings  will be held on 27-28 November at Mimar Sinan University (İstanbul). TAG_T2 will be open to papers that explore ways of defining the interaction of things and their interrelation with other things and humans symmetrically at different scales until they become “archaeological things”.  Our aim is to encapsulate different opinions and perspectives on “things” which are basically the essential data of archaeology. We invite papers that would contribute to discussions that focus on the dependency of human on things; how social structures and cultures are shaped through the existence of things and what do they tell us at their final stage as “archaeological things”.

20-minute paper proposals with abstracts of no more than 250 words including name, affiliation, postal address, email address should be sent by email to The deadline for submissions is 30th September 2014. All those submitting proposals will be notified by the beginning of October 2014 and the program will be announced soon thereafter.


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