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Archaeolog is a collective weblog dealing in all things archaeological. It is open to the wider archaeological community and cognate fields from academics to field practitioners, from professors to students. We are inclusive and have no agenda other than to foster debate. We are community driven and we wish to provide a place for archaeology at large to be visible to the widest possible audience.

Archaeolog welcomes short essays, book reviews, commentaries, and debate pieces spanning a range of topics and concerns across the discipline.

Archaeolog is committed to accelerating the debate. With the ability to comment it facilitates immediate feedback and discussion from a broad range of inquirers interested in exploring the archaeological sensibility at large.

If you wish to contribute, please send your completed work to any of the following archaeologers: Alfredo Gonzalez RuibalMatt EdgeworthTimothy Webmoor or Christopher Witmore. Senior archaeologers include Bjørnar Olsen, and Michael Shanks.

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