Undergraduate Peer Advisors


Winter Quarter 2015 Office Hours: Archaeology Center, Building 500

Laura Marsh '15  - Wednesdays, 9-11am; Fridays, 12-2pm @ couches in Bldg. 500

Email: lmarsh1@stanford.edu

Laura Marsh is co-terminal student at Stanford who is expecting to receive a B.A. with Honors in Archaeology and an M.A. in Anthropology in the spring of 2015. Her first archaeological field experience was as a participant in the Chavín de Huántar field school after her freshman year, after which she declared archaeology as her major. She returned to Chavín the next summer to perform ceramic analysis, which is the topic of her honors’ and master’s theses.  Over winter break, Laura participated in excavations at San Andrés Semetabaj, Guatemala, and this past summer she went back to Chavín once again to supervise an excavation area. In addition to her field experience, Laura has enjoyed expanding her knowledge and skills on campus through working for the Market Street China Town Archaeological Project, taking many of the courses offered by the Stanford Archaeology Center, and teaching a Student Initiated Course last spring called Archaeology in Popular Media. This year she is eager to continue her thesis work, including microscopic analysis of thin sections of Chavín ceramics, and take graduate course for her master’s degree. She is greatly looking forward to being a peer advisor in the archaeology center and helping other students to discover and explore the many opportunities that Stanford has to offer in the field, and helping them to choose the paths that best fit their interests and goals.


Bright Zhou '16 - Mondays, 3-5pm; Thursdays, 10:30-12:15pm @ couches in Bldg. 500

Email: brightz@stanford.edu

I am a junior from the Bay Area. My research focuses primarily around bioarchaeology though I also have budding interests in the realms of public archaeology and cultural heritage management. Through the Center's summer field schools, I've had an opportunity to excavate at Catalhoyuk, Turkey, and at Bois Marchand and Bras D'eau, both in Mauritius. I am also a Chappell Lougee Fellow and am excited to share my experiences surrounding the application process for the sophomore-targeted fellowship. This year, I'm looking forward to both attracting new minds to the Archaeology program as well as providing a strong support system for current majors.