Alumni News


Teddy Bowers (BA)

Since graduating in June, I've driven across the country, spent some time with my family, and moved to China for the foreseeable future.  I'm now settled in 昆明,中国 (Kunming, China) working for Huasong Capital, a China-based private equity firm.  While I do miss archaeology, I'm loving my new works, and I already have trips scheduled to historic Lijiang, Xi'an, and Dali to keep me in touch with my academic roots.  I will likely be around China for several years, so if any SAC staff or students are coming, drop me a line! (Updated 01/13)

Sadie Weber (BA)

I am currently a PhD student in the Anthropology program at Harvard. This summer, I was in Jordan excavating at el Hemmeh and then returned to Stanford in August to finish some lab work. (Updated 01/13)

Alex Larrave (BA Archaeology & Religious Studies)

Alex Larrave is currently working in the Client Services Department at Sotheby’s in New York. She is really enjoying learning more about the business end of the art market and living life in the Big Apple! She plans to go to graduate school in a few years, but can’t decide between Conservation and Medieval Studies. She misses Stanford already, but is looking forward to spending some time on the East Coast! (Updated 01/13)

Kelly Nguyen (BA Archaeology & Classics)

A few hours after graduation, I moved up to San Francisco and a few hours after that, I started my first job as a quasi-adult.  I currently work as a litigation assistant at the Prison Law Office, a non-profit public interest law firm that engages in class action and other impact litigation regarding conditions of confinement within California's prisons. With work so intellectually and ethically challenging, I find myself more and more drawn to public interest law. I plan to gain more exposure to the different realms of law and apply to law school next Fall. (Updated 01/13)


Pedro Gonzalez (Co-term MA)

After working this past year doing CRM for Pacific Legacy Inc., from the L.A. area up to Fresno, I am back at Stanford working for Dr. Laura Jones on various projects on Stanford property. While working with Pacific Legacy I learned and improved many practical skills that are essential for field archaeology such as: extensive field surveys, careful excavation methodology, and to make sure not to lose my hotel room key. I also met a bunch of interesting and knowledgeable archaeologists who have worked throughout California and various countries around the world.

This summer I returned to help Dr. Laura Jones on the Searsville Jasper Ridge excavations, where we focused on the excavation of two historic period residences. I acted as a team manager and instructed archaeological methodologies and techniques to interns required for careful organization, documentation, and excavation of historical artifacts. The interns ranged from various backgrounds, experience, and education with the youngest interns still in high school, including my younger brother. I helped generate positive and efficient team dynamics, realize excavations that required more excavation experience, and act as liaison of field progress to Dr. Jones. We were able to uncover a significant refuse deposit associated with the historical structure we were attempting to find. In it we found some really cool bottles, ceramic dishes, butchered faunal remains, pots, ceramic dolls, and various other artifacts that were common in households in the area during the late 1800's to early 1900's. Currently we are working on analyzing all of our data to produce an adequate report of our finds this summer. 

In late January 2013, I will begin a new position at the Stanford Alumni Center. (Updated 01/13)  

Tiffany Cain (Co-term MA)

ts been a little over one year since I left Stanford and I am happy to say that choosing archaeology has taken me in good directions. I spent the last year working as a Research Associate for Archeo-Tec, a Bay Area CRM firm. I had the opportunity to act as crew chief for a number of projects and gained a great deal of practical experience implementing and writing up the several phases of contract archaeology projects. I was also just happy to be in Oakland - it was such a great experience to live in another vibrant part of the Bay Area.

I have since been accepted to and begun graduate work in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania as a Kolb Society and Fontaine Fellow. I am loving Philly and I am confident that Penn is going to be a great fit for me after Stanford. My first classes are off to a good start and I am now in the process of preparing graduate research grant applications and beginning to hone in on a potential summer (dissertation, maybe?) topic. I hope to continue working in archaeology and engaging broader issues of heritage. (Updated 01/13)


Madeleine "Bear" Douglas (BA Archaeology & Economics, Co-term MA)

Bear is working for Facebook as a Developer Advocate, teaching application developers how to use Facebook's APIs and SDKs. She recently organized Facebook's first World Hack, an international tour of coding competitions; along the way, she was excited to see the Archaeology and Anthropology museum in Mexico City and meet up with fellow '09er Eleri Cousins at Cambridge. (Updated 01/13)


Megan Kane (Co-term MA)

Current research assistant for Prof. Barb Voss at the Stanford Archaeology Center (Updated 01/13)


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