Stanford Archaeology Lunch Club

Wednesdays from 12-1pm, Archaeology Center, Bldg. 500
Lunch provided.

2015-16 academic year

May 18 - Himanshu Ray (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)

May 11 "Food Globalisation in Prehistory: Chinese cuisine and a Bronze Age World," presented by Xinyi Liu (Washington University in St. Louis)

May 4 - Roberta Gilchrist (University of Reading, UK)

April 27 - Megan Daniels (Stanford University)

March 2 - Susan Roberts-Manganelli (Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University)

February 17 - "World Heritage Sites, Conflict, and International Organisations," presented by Ana Filipa Vrdoljak (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia) Flyer here

February 10 - "Tracing the geographic origin of the Indian Ocean slave trade: Genomic ancient DNA data from the historical cemetary of Le Morne (Mauritius)," presented by Rosa Fregel (Stanford University) Flyer here

February 3 - "The Human face in early Celtic Art," presented by Marina Hess (University of Freiburg, Germany) Flyer here

January 27 - "Ecology versus archaeology versus the military: conflict in contemporary landscapes," presented by Chris Tilley (University College London, UK) Flyer here

January 20 - "Early Herd Management in the Central Rift Valley, Kenya, 1200-3000 BP" presented by Anneke Janzen (UC Santa Cruz) Flyer here

January 13 - "Cultural Heritage Between Contest and Reconciliation: Preservation and Diplomacy in Ani, Turkey" presented by Heghnar Watenpaugh (UC Davis) Flyer here

November 18 - "Astronomical Orientations of Medieval Churches in Slovenia," presented by Saša Čaval (Stanford University) Flyer here

November 11 - "The Paleogenetic approach to ancient disease in the bioarchaeological record," presented by Kelly Harkins (UC Santa Cruz) Flyer here

November 4 - "Using Material Evidence to Decipher Operation of Ceramic Workshops in Classical Athens," presented by Apurva Mehta (SLAC, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University) Flyer here

October 28 - "Keeping the Homeplace: Materiality and Memory on a Southern Illinois Farmstead," presented by Annelise Morris (UC Berkeley) Flyer here

October 21 - "Archaeology's Genocide Problem: Violence, Heritage, and the Techniques of Forgetting on the Armenian Highlands," presented by Adam Smith (Cornell University) Flyer here

October 14 - "Understanding the Athenian silver mines at Laurion through hydrological analyses," presented by Kim Van Liefferinge (Stanford University) Flyer here

October 7 - "Paleoethnobotanical Perspectives on Micronesian Agriculture," presented by Reecie Levin (Stanford University) Flyer here

September 30 - "I Know What You Did Last Summer," presented by the undergraduate students on their summer fieldwork (Stanford University) Flyer here

2014-2015 academic year

May 27 - "Contending with Illness in Ancient Egypt: Textual Osteological Indicators of Disease and Healthcare at Deir-el-Medina," presented by Anne Austin (Stanford University) Flyer here

May 20 - "Aural Architecture: Hagia Sophia and its Liturgy," presented by Bissera Pentcheva (Stanford University) Flyer here

May 13 - "Regulation and Promotion: The Role of the State on the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage," presented by Luis Jaime Castillo Butters (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru) Flyer here

May 6 - "Visualizing and Reconstructing Ancient Architectural Form Through 3D Printing," presented by Alexei Vranich (University of California, Los Angeles) Flyer here

April 29Ex Orient Luxuria?  Economic development and exchange in central Italy in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE," presented by Kate Kreindler (Stanford University) Flyer here

April 22 - "From Sèvres to Horizon 2020: U.S. and European Development Legacies in Turkey," presented by Christina Luke (Boston University) Flyer here

April 15 - "Land Reclamation: A History and Archaeology of Shoreline Extension in the Pearl River Delta and Sydney Harbour," presented by Denis Byrne (University of Western Sydney, Australia) Flyer here

April 8 - "Beyond Aphrodite: Island Dynamics on Kythira, Greece," presented by Cyprian Broodbank (University of Cambridge, UK) Flyer here

February 25 - "Speaking on Behalf of the tataayiyam honuuka’ (Ancestors): Indigenous Archaeology, Archaeologists and the Tongva Community," presented by Desireé Reneé Martinez (Cogstone Research Management) Flyer here

February 8 - "Glass Beads and Colonial Networks: A Social Network Approach to Exploring Population Aggregation at 17th Century Mission Santa Catalina de Guale," presented by Elliot H. Blair (University of California, Berkeley) Flyer here

February 11 - "Choosing Your Own Adventure: Interdisciplinary Object-Centered Engagement and the University Art Museum," presented by Catherine Hale (Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University) Flyer here

February 4 - "Gobernador Polychrome Technology and Practice in Dinetah," presented by Tim Wilcox (Stanford University) Flyer here

January 28 - "University Collections and the New Museum Anthropology," presented by Christina Hodge (Stanford University Archaeology Collections) Flyer here

January 21 - "Is Archaeology Different now?: A Post-Virtual Perspective," presented by Maurizio Forte (Duke University) Flyer here

January 14 - "Alive but Soundless: Rwandan Heritage as Speech and Silence," presented by Annalisa Bolin (Stanford University) Flyer here

November 19 - "Understanding a Managed Landscape: The Pimu Catalina Island Archaeology Project," presented by Wendy Teeter (University of California, Los Angeles) Flyer here

November 12 - "Should Archaeologists be Talking to Economists?" presented by Peter Gould (University of Pennsylvania) Flyer here

November 5 - "Art, Animism and Power," presented by Chris Gosden (University of Oxford) Flyer here

October 29 - "Scandinavians in the Early Modern Colonial World and Beyond," presented by Jonas Nordin (Uppsala University, Sweden) Flyer here

October 22 - "Native Agency at the Margins of Empire: Understanding Landscapes and Community at the California Missions," presented by Lee Panich (Santa Clara University) Flyer here

October 15 - "Bunga Bunga at San Vincenzo al Volturno in the 8th and 21st Centuries," presented by Richard Hodges (American University of Rome) Flyer here

October 8 - "Geoarchaeological Perspectives on Pottery Production in Late Neolothic/Early Bronze Age China," presented by Michael Bonomo (Stanford University) Flyer here

October 1 - "I Know What You Did Last Summer," presented by the undergraduate students on their summer fieldwork (Stanford University) Flyer here

2013-2014 academic year

May 28 - "The Horse Culture of American Indians: Past, Present and Future," presented by Sarah Sargent (University of Buckingham) Flyer here

May 21 - "The Thing About Religion: Christian-Muslim Market Interaction during Early Formations of Islam," presented by Ian Simpson (Stanford University) Flyer here

May 14 - "The Social Lives of Pottery in the Plain of Flowers: Individual Objects and Hidden Assemblages from Late Bronze Age Southern Caucasia," presented by Alan Greene (Stanford University) Flyer here

May 7 - "Networks, Power and Identities in a Port of Trade: A Study of the Culinary Traditions of Emporion, North Catalonia (5th-4th centuries BC)," presented by Meritxell Ferrer (Stanford University) and Ana Delgado (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) Flyer here

April 30 - "In Search of a Usable Past: Memory and Forgetting in Post-Soviet Estonia," presented by David Beecher (Berkeley) Flyer here

April 16 - "Knowledge Practices and Heritage," presented by Tim Winter (Deakin University, Melbourne) Flyer here

April 9 - "Planning and the Limits of Participation: Managing World Heritage in Istanbul," presented by Daniel Shoup (University of Bologna, Italy) Flyer here

March 6 - "Migrations, Dissonance and Unsettled History: The Case of the Kenya Luo," presented by Paul Lane (Uppsala University, Sweden) Flyer here

February 26 - "Archaeology, Gastronomy and Trappings of Authenticity," presented by Shanti Morell-Hart (Stanford University) Flyer here

February 19 - "Rethinking Inca Performance: Diverse Performances, Diverse Practices, Diverse Strategies," presented by Larry Coben (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology & Founder and Executive Director of The Sustainable Preservation Initiative) Flyer here

February 12 - "The Qiang People in the Oracle Bone Inscriptions of Shang, China," presented by Jigen Tang (Institue of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing) Flyer here

February 5 - "Archaeobotany in Pre-ceramic Peru," presented by Neil Duncan (Stanford University) Flyer here

January 22 - "Heritage, Maroons and the Politics of Recognition in Colombia and Brazil," presented by Maria Escallon (Stanford University) Flyer here

January 15 - "Traces of Ourselves: Collecting Oral Histories About Archaeological Work in the Middle East," presented by Allison Mickel (Stanford University) Flyer here

November 20 - "Estonian Museum of Occupations and Stanford University Libraries: A Collection for Enhancing the Estonian Studies," presented by Kadri Viires (Estonian Museum of Occupations) & Liisi Eglit (Stanford University Libraries) Flyer here

November 13 - "Fashionably Late: The Transformative Role Social Networks Play in Social Complexity and Secondary State Formation in so-called Marginal Societies," presented by Tara Carter (Stanford University) Flyer here

November 6 - "Lessons From A Coursera MOOC: 'Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets,' " presented by Sue Alcock (Brown University) Flyer here

October 23 - "Knotted-cord Record Keeping in the Andes Through Time: Wari, Inka and Colonial Khipus" presented by Gary Urton (Harvard University) Flyer here

October 16 - "A Tale of Two Cities: Interpreting Variability in Political Constructions of Time, Place, and Personhood in the Ancient Andes," presented by Edward Swenson (University of Toronto) Flyer here
October 9 - "The Searsville Area Survey Project, Work in Progress," presented by Laura Jones (Stanford University) Flyer here
October 2 - "I Know What You Did Last Summer" presented by the undergraduate students on their summer fieldwork (Stanford University) Flyer here

2012-2013 academic year

May 22 - "Community Engagement in and as Archaeological Scholarship: A North American Example" presented by Steve Silliman (UMass Boston) Flyer here

May 15 - "The Historical Resource Curse: Heritage, Development and the South African Diamond Fields" presented by Lindsay Weiss (Stanford University) Flyer here

May 1 - "Nomadic Archaeology and the Making of Colonial New Mexico" presented by Lindsay Montgomery (Stanford University) Flyer here

April 24 - "Xiongnu Archaeology in the Context of Ancient East Asia," presented by In Uk Kang (Kyung Hee University, Korea) Flyer here

April 17 - "Intellectual Tyranny and Violence in the United States," presented by Terry L. Jones (CalPoly) Flyer here

April 10 - "Brazilian Archaeology: History, Trends and Outlook" presented by Pedro Paulo A. Funari  (Brazilian Professor of the Department of History, University of Campinas, Brazil) Flyer here

March 13 - "The Mauritian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Project: Archaeological Insights Into Post-Medieval Labour Diasporas" presented by Krish Seetah (Stanford University) Flyer here

March 6th - "Archaeological Heritage Policies in Europe: the French Experiment" presented by Pascal Depaepe (French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research, INRAP) Flyer here

February 27 - "This is (not) A Talk About Rocks: Thoughts on Source- Entanglement and Raw Material Procurement" presented by Adam Nazaroff (Stanford University) Flyer here

February 20 - "Understanding and Stewarding the Kashaya Pomo Landscape: A Community-Based Approach" presented by Kathy Dowdall (Associate Archaeologist at Caltrans, Lecturer at Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Junior College) Flyer here

February 13 - "From Landscape to Politics- the Gordion Regional Survey, Turkey" presented by Lisa Kealhofer (Santa Clara University) Flyer here

February 6 - "Pottery and Petsas House: Recent Research on Late Helladic IIIA 2 Mycenae" presented by Kim Shelton (University of Berkeley) Flyer here

January 30 - "Material Contexts of Social Inequality in the Southern Andes (Valle de Ambato Argentina, c. VI- X A.D.)" presented by Andrés Laguens (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina) Flyer here

January 23 - "Materializing Difference in the South Indian Iron Age" presented by Carla Sinopoli (Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan) Flyer here

November 14 - "Decolonizing the Canadian Museum of Civilization: Barriers and Possibilities" presented by Stacey Jessiman de Nanteuil (Visiting Student Researcher at the Stanford Archaeology Center) Flyer here

November 7 - "Colonialism in California: Taking a Fresh Look at Complex Hunter-Gatherers" presented by Kent Lightfoot (Professor of Anthropology, University of Berkeley) Flyer here

October 31 - "Stanford Southwestern Ethnographic Field School Experiences" presented by the Undergraduate Students

October 24 - "What is a Biocultural Model?- A Defense of Why Biocultural Models are Essential for the Future of Bioarchaeology" presented by Patrick Beauchesne (PhD, University of Berkeley) Flyer here

October 17 - "Modeling for the Masses: Advances and Applications of Photogrammetry" presented by John Rick (Stanford University) Flyer Here

October 10 - "Why Archaeology is Always Political" presented by Professor Martin Hall (University of Salford) Flyer here

October 3 - "I Know What You Did Last Summer" presented by the undergraduate students on their summer field work Flyer here

2011-2012 academic year

April 11 - "The Priestesses of San Jose de Moro, Female Power and the Collapse of the Moche of Ancient Peru" presented by Luis Jaime Castillo (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del  Peru) Flyer here

April 4 - "Changing Practices in Turkish Archaeology" presented by Tamar Hodos (University of Bristol, England) Flyer here

March 7- "Digital Outerfaces to Archaeological Investigation" presented by Ruth Tringham (UC Berkeley). Flyer here

February 29- "“Rethinking Archaeological Practice and Relationships, Past and Present: Lessons from Honduras and Mexico” presented by Doris Maldonado (IHUM Fellow, Stanford University). Flyer here

February 22- "Archaeological Resource Management: relations between academia and heritage management” presented by Willem J.H. Willems (University of Leiden). Flyer here

February 15- "A Transition Towards Standardization at Cerro del Oro" presented by Francesca Fernandini (PhD Student, Stanford University). Flyer here

February 8- “What do the Great Stones of Chavín Want?” presented by Prof. Mary Weismantel (Professor of Anthropology & Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Northwestern University). Flyer here

February 1- "From osteometry to cruise ship dollars: Archaeology and economic development in Nunavik" presented by Elspeth Ready (PhD Student, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University). Flyer here

January 25 - “'New and Shiny Ruins” presented by Dr. Stratos Nangolou (Greek Archaeological Service). Flyer here

January 18 - “'Death and Destruction at La Real: Mortuary Rituals and Social Change in Pre-Columbian Southern Peru” presented by Justin Jennings (University of Toronoto & Royal Ontario Museum). Flyer here

November 30 - “'I Just Couldn't Wait to Start Digging!' - An Overview of Stanford's Big Dig Educational Outreach Project” presented by Lisa Newble (Stanford University). Flyer here

November 16 - “Experiences in Community-Oriented Archaeology in Three New World Settings” presented by Prof. John Rick (Stanford University). Flyer here

November 9 - “Between Susa and Anshan: Results of research in the Mamasani Region, southwestern Iran” presented by Daniel Potts (University of Sydney). Flyer here

November 2 - “Fixing CRM Archaeology” presented by Adrian Praetzellis  (Sonoma State University). Flyer here

October 26 - “Distance learning applications in the field of archaeological heritage” presented by Arek Marciniak (University of Poznań, Poland). Flyer here

October 19 - "Anthropologies of Ivory: A Report on Field Work and Dissertation Brainstorming" presented by Alexandra Kelly (PhD Candidate, Stanford University). Flyer here

October 12 - "Architecture as Materialization: An Archaeological Glance" presented by Felipe Criado-Boado (Spanish National Research Council & Institute of Heritage Sciences). Flyer here

October 5 - Undergraduates’ summer fieldwork presentations. Flyer here