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The following bibliography comprises two parts. First, there is a general bibliography. Next there are individual bibliographies for more than 1500 artists. Some are lengthy, others brief in the extreme. The length reflects both the availability of information on the artists, as well as the extent of my personal interest.

This bibliography is far from complete.  I began it when teaching a seminar on contemporary Chinese art in 1998:  I wished to help my students, who were hampered in their research by the dearth of English language information in this field.  (But I have included some texts that are not in English.) The following several years saw an enormous surge in English language publishing in the field. Consequently, I ceased adding to the bibliography in 2000.

Thanks to the many individuals and institutions who have generously shared materials with me.  Particular thanks are due to the Association for Asian Studies (for a CIAC Small Grant) and the Stanford University Department of Art and Art History.

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