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GFS Redesign – March 2018

March 2018


Designed to be intuitive and user-centric, the new GFS Center consolidates the data elements required to manage accurate, compliant and timely financial support for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and non-matriculated students.


All Award Year 2018 data is available to view and/or update in the new GFS Center. Award Year 2017 and prior is available via the Legacy GFS module.


GFS Center

The GFS Center is your landing page for accessing Aid Entry, Reference Guides, Workflow Approvals and more.


GFS Center


Aid Entry

The Grad, Postdoc and Non-Matric Aid Entry pages consolidate and summarize key data elements required for managing financial support.


Contextual Help



Users and approvers are alerted of pending actions/updates without having to seek out this information by revisiting entries.


Contextual Help


Learn More

Visit the Administrator, Approver, Authority Grantor and Graduate Student/Postdoc tabs above for highlights of key features, and available resources, relevant to each of these roles.