About Bing Nursery School

Our Founding Director

Dr. Alberta Siegel was chair of the Bing Nursery School Director's Advisory Committee and first came to Stanford as a freshman in 1946. She later became a friend and colleague of Dr. Edith Dowley, the founding director of Bing Nursery School. Dr. Siegel spent time at Bing conducting a research project during the early years of the school. The staff had the pleasure of a visit with her to discuss Dr. Edith Dowley and the founding of Bing Nursery School.
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Our Programs

Each year 450 children, ages two to five years, are enrolled in the school. The school operates on the Stanford academic calendar and also offers a 7-week summer session. Children are enrolled in half day, morning or afternoon sessions of 3 1/2 hours for the nursery school program or 2 1/2 hours for the two-year-old program.. The school employs a teaching staff of 40 professionals comprised of Head Teachers and Teachers. In addition, selected Stanford students who have taken the sequence of psychology classes that meet at the school are hired as classroom assistants. The administrative staff consists of the Director, Assistant Director, Business Manager, Enrollment Administrator, and Office Assistants. Strong fundraising on the part of parents and friends makes it possible to grant scholarships of $250,000 per year for children who would otherwise be unable to attend. The school has a strong multi-cultural make-up based on the inherent diversity of the University community and on our continuous outreach to the surrounding communities in order to include minority children. Children of Stanford faculty, staff, and students receive a 20% discount on tuition. From the time the school was built, emphasis has been placed on providing children the opportunity to learn social skills and enhance their cognitive abilities by exploring the natural environment and interacting with each other under the guidance of skilled teachers.


Research studies conducted at Bing over the past decades are now staples in textbooks of psychology, education, and linguistics. Some have influenced public policy for children in America. Research for many doctoral dissertations has been conducted at Bing, under the supervision of Stanford faculty members. Most of the research takes place in the "game rooms," located off the atrium. Some research also takes place in the four classrooms. Some of the most important research programs carried out at Bing include:

Undergraduate Teaching

Bing's international reputation for excellence is also based on our contribution to undergraduate education and the quality of the Stanford students who have studied in the school. These students have gone on to become psychologists, teachers, social workers, pediatricians, attorneys, child psychiatrists, etc. Most have become parents. We hope that all Stanford students who work at Bing become child advocates as a result of their experience in an excellent program for young children. Psychology courses have been taught through Bing since the 1940's and are taught by the Director, Assistant Director and Head Teachers. These include the following classes taught at Bing: