This file exports a BasicGraph class used to represent graphs, which consist of a set of vertexes and a set of edges. This is a subclass of Graph. The Graph class is parameterized and asks the client to specify types for its nodes and arcs. BasicGraph removes the burden of doing this from the client by supplying basic default types called Vertex (aka (Node) and Edge (aka Arc). BasicGraph also supplies several convenience member functions that build on the members of Graph for common graph tasks like searching for the existence of a vertex or edge. The BasicGraph class also allows you to interchangeably use the names 'vertex' or 'node', and interchangeably use 'edge' or 'arc', both in member function names and class names. This is to provide compatibility with the more common graph terminology of vertexes and edges rather than nodes and arcs.
BasicGraph This class represents a graph with Vertex (aka Node) and Edge (aka Arc) and the specified vertex and edge types respectively.
Vertex Each object of this class represents an individual vertex (node) in a graph.
Edge Each object of this class represents an individual edge (arc) in a graph.