#include "bitstream.h"

class obitstream : public std::ostream

This base class writes bits of data to various output sources. This is an abstract base class that inherits from the standard C++ ostream class. You are not likely to want to construct an obitstream directly. Instead, you should probably construct an ofbitstream to write to a file, or an ostringbitstream to write bits into the bytes of a string buffer.

Available since: 2014/02/01 version of C++ library

writeBit(bit)  Writes a single bit to the bit stream.

Method detail

void writeBit(int bit);
Writes a single bit to the obitstream. Raises an error if this bit stream has not been properly opened. Also raises an error if the value passed for the bit parameter is not 0 or 1. (Note: A common bug is to pass a char value of '0' or '1'; these are character literals that have the ASCII integer values of 48 and 49 respectively. The char values of '0' and '1' are not the same as the int values 0 and 1.)