Benjamin, Walter
  Bismarck, Otto v.
  Brecht, Bertolt
  Celan, Paul
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  Grosz, George
  Grünbein, Durs
  Heartfield, John
  Honigmann, Barbara
  Isherwood, Christopher
  Johnson, Uwe
  Kleist, Heinrich v.
  Kollwitz, Käthe
  Kracauer, Siegfried
  Lang, Fritz
  Lasker-Schüler, Else
  Liebermann, Max
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  Luxemburg, Rosa
  Marc, Franz
  Ossietzky, Carl v.
  Riefenstahl, Leni
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  Schinkel, Karl Friedrich
  Speer, Albert
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  Varnhagen, Rahel
  Wenders, Wim


Wenders, Wim

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"Some of my favorite films are extremely violent. I saw 'Taxi Driver' again and I was amazed at how violent it was. A lot of my favorite films deal with violence, and Sam Fuller's films deal with it very explicitly. But they deal with it in such a way that you know why it occurs. You see it coming and you know what happens afterwards. There's not necessarily a reason for it, but you feel why it happens and sometimes you even understand why it happens. I think violence is a very important part of contemporary life, so why should it be kept out of movies? That's not my argument. My argument is that it should be treated as what it is, so people can understand it instead of savouring it. Violence is strictly a consumer product in movies now, not a story element." --Wim Wenders in Sight and Sound, May 1997. "When Bono first sent me a draft of it, just to get my opinion, not to be involved as director, I thought, great characters. I was taken by the ambience of it, and the story. Mel Gibson's company, Icon, was developing it at the time. Then, a few years later, Bono approached me about directing it. And so I met with him and Nicholas [Klein], and we worked on it for two years. And during that time, the script became 'The Billion Dollar Hotel', because it had become a science fiction story set in the future. I worked on that with them while I was doing 'Beyond the Clouds' and 'Lisbon Story'. So Nicholas and I came here last May, to get the film going. And even though it's not a big-budget film, it's complicated because it's a project which calls for a lot of production work. So when it became clear that it would take a little more time to get things going . . . I decided to make another movie ['The End of Violence']." --Wenders quoted in Moviemaker, October 1997.


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