Sessions 1-10
  Sessions 11-18


Session Schedule: 1-10

Abbreviations: [R] = Read; [C] = Check class website; [W] Watch assigned film (all films are on reserve in Green/Media-MTXT), [G] = Green Library on Reserve, [W] = On the Web to this topic, R = Reader

1. Tuesday, January 8: Introduction.

2. Thursday, January 10: Theoretical Reflection: Reading Cities, Reading Spaces.

[R]ead - M. Crang and N. Thrift: "Introduction," in: Thinking Space. R
[R] Walter Benjamin: Paris, Capital of the 19th century (1939), in: The Arcades Project. R
[R] M. Savage: Walter Benjamin's Urban Thought, in: Thinking Space. R
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3. Tuesday, January 15: The Romantic Age.

[C]heck on the website the biographies of Ludwig Tieck and Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
[C] the image gallery related to Schinkel's work.
[R] Ludwig Tieck, Der gestiefelte Kater (Puss-in-Boots). R
[W] Galerie der Romantik, Berlin-Charlottenburg (
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4. Thursday, January 17: Berlin to Bismarck's Time; Theodor Fontane's Berlin.

[C] website for Theodor Fontane's biography.
[R] Theodor Fontane, Jenny Treibel. R
[R] David Clay Large, "Berlin under Bismarck," in: D. C. Large, Berlin.
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Tuesday, January 22, and Thursday, January 24: NO CLASS

5. Friday, January 25: Walter Benjamin in Berlin.

[C] website for Walter Benjamin's biography.
[R] Walter Benjamin, "A Berlin Chronicle." R
[R] David Clay Large, "World City?," in: D. C. Large, Berlin.
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6. Tuesday, January 29: Expressionism in Art; The Poetry of Else Lasker-Schüler.

[C] website for Else Lasker-Schüler's biography.
[G]reen Library on reserve Else Lasker-Schüler, poems, in: Hebrew Ballads and Other Poems. R
[R] Sigrid Bauschinger, "The Berlin Moderns," in: Berlin - Metropolis: Jews and The New Culture. R
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7. Thursday, January 31: Stormy Times-World War I; The Revolution and the Birth of the Republic.

[C] website for Rosa Luxemburg's biography.
[R] R. Luxemburg: "Founding Manifesto of KPD," in: The Weimar Source Book. R
[R] "The Spartacus Manifesto," in: The Weimar Source Book. R
[R] Paul Celan, "You lye..." R
[R] David Clay Large, "Discord in the Castle," in: D. C. Large, Berlin.
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8. Tuesday, February 5: The Impact of Urban Dis-Order - Bertolt Brecht.

[C] website for Bertolt Brecht's biography.
[R] Bertolt Brecht, Ten Poems for a Reader..., in: Bertolt Brecht: Poems 1913 - 1956. R
[R] Bertolt Brecht: Diaries 1920 ­ 1922. R
[R] F. Vaßen, "A New Poetry for the Big City: Brecht's Behavioural Experiments in 'Aus dem Lesebuch für Städtebewöhner'," in: Bertolt Brecht: Contemporary Essays. R
[R] David Clay Large, "The Great Disorder," in: D. C. Large, Berlin.
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9. Thursday, February 7: The Age of Weimar I.

[C] website for Walter Ruttmann's biography.
[W]atch Walter Ruttmann, Symphony of a Big City.
[R] David Clay Large, "The World City of Order and Beauty," in: D. C. Large, Berlin. R
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Tuesday, February 12: NO CLASS

10. Thursday, February 14: The Age of Weimar II.

[C] website for Alfred Döblin's biography.
[R] Alfred Döblin, Berlin. Alexanderplatz I.
[R] K. Scherpe, "The City as Narrator," in: Modernity and the Text. R