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Important Note: If you are not yet affiliated with Stanford, please provide your offer letter and application by submitting a WorkLife Help Ticket

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Application Fee

The waitlist fee is $50 per child, per center. Each check should be made payable to the center(s) for which you are applying (Due to university policy, we are unable to accept cash): CCSC (for Children’s Center of Stanford Community), KCE (Kindercare Education) (for Stanford West), Bright Horizons (PCCC) (for Pine Cone Children’s Center) or ICRI (International Child Resource Institute) (for Arboretum, Madera Grove, and Stock Farm Road). If you are applying for more than one ICRI center, you may combine the fees of $50 per child, per center, into one payment. Please be sure to indicate on the check the centers within the ICRI family you are applying for. (Example: if you apply for both Arboretum and Madera Grove, the fee for one child would be $100 payable to ICRI.)

Please DO NOT make checks payable to The WorkLife Office as this will delay your application status.

Please mail the waitlist fee(s) to:

Stanford University UHR

WorkLife Office

505 Broadway, 5th Floor (MC 8802)

Redwood City, CA 94063

Your application will not be considered complete until the waitlist fee is received. Please note that the waitlist fee is non-refundable.

The WorkLife Office will notify families within 3 weeks from receipt of check to confirm application and/or fees.