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Name    Title Responsibilities
  Associate Dean for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
Support of graduate and undergraduate teaching programs; Individually Designed Major Program; works with academic departments & programs, the offices of Development and Stewardship, the VPUE, and the VPGE; H&S graduate aid policy; graduate policy; directs the work of the GUS staff
Assistant Dean for Diversity Programs, Data and Technology
Graduate Diversity Recruitment & Retention; named and diversity fellowships; GRO; website; data
Beth McKeown, MA
(650) 725-0774


Assistant Dean for Curricular and Academic Support Curricular Review; Academic Accreditation including WASC; Student Services Staff Training and Department Resource; Individually Designed Major (IDM)
Joseph Brown, PhD
(650) 724-7437
Graduate Diversity Recruitment Officer
Graduate Diversity Recruitment; Summer Research Program
Finance and Systems Analyst
Grad Aid Procedure; Federal Work Study Program; systems; financial data; surveys; liaison to Office of University Registrar
  Student Services Officer/Fellowship Coordinator
Manages GUS office; supports Associate Dean; supports Graduate and Undergraduate Student Services Administrators; contact person for graduate student problems
  Programs Administrator
Supports Associate Dean, and Assistant Dean for Diversity Programs, Data and Technology; supports grad aid policy & procedure; coordinates events; supports the Summer Research Program(s); manages financial transactions; surveys; website; provides general office support


Sheila Booth

Student Services Officer/Fellowship Coordinator 

Sheila Booth has over ten years of project and administrative management at Stanford. Before coming to the Dean’s Office, she held a position as Manager/Financial and Administrative Associate at Stanford University Medical Media Information Technology Research Lab (SUMMIT), which she assisted in government grant proposal preparations. She also worked in the Department of Functional Restoration at Stanford, supporting the Director of Orthopedic Surgery, and at the Cooperative Studies Department at the VA Medical Center as a Research Assistant/Office Coordinator. Sheila holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.


  • Provides administrative, budgetary, and programmatic support

  • Supports the Associate Dean

  • Manages office and projects

  • Organizes series of dinners on undergraduate majors

  • Works with the Associate Dean as a liaison to Graduate and Undergraduate Student Services Administrators in Departments and Programs

  • Works with the Assistant Dean on graduate student retention

  • Serves as a contact person for graduate student problems


Joseph Brown, PhD

Graduate Diversity Recruitment Officer

Joseph Brown received his BS degree in physics from Southwest Texas State University and a ScM degree in biomedical engineering from Brown University in 1990.  After working for IBM as a marketing representative, he was admitted to the PhD program in psychology at Stanford University.  His graduate work focused on the influence of stereotypes and prejudice on the intellectual identities and performance of minorities and women.  After receiving his doctorate in 2000, he taught at the University of Washington.  In January 2003 he returned to Stanford to work on graduate diversity.  He also lectures in the department of Psychology.


  • Graduate student diversity recruitment

  • Liaison to Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (EDGE-SBE) program

  • Presents workshops on GRE, graduate school preparation

  • Works with departments on graduate student recruitment

  • Organizes faculty participation in graduate student diversity recruitment

  • Manages Undergraduate Summer Research Program

  • Assists undergraduates from other institutions interested in Stanford graduate programs

  • Liaison to Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education (VPUE) for undergraduates interested in graduate school admissions


Cora Espeleta

Programs Administrator

Cora Espeleta holds a BSE in Mathematics from St. Theresa's College in Manila, Philippines. She worked as an Executive Assistant at Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. before migrating to the United States. In Chicago, she held several administrative positions in the International and Consumer Products Divisions of Helene Curtis Industries. Before coming to the Dean's Office, she was a Program Administrator at the Graduate School of Business for almost ten years. She managed the logistics of the program and assisted in its budgetary and analytical reports.


  • Provides administrative, analytical, budgetary and general project support for the Assistant Dean for Diversity Programs, Data and Technology
  • Support for Grad Aid policy and procedure
  • Coordinates annual JE Wallace Sterling Award for Academic Achievement ceremony & luncheon

  • Maintains GUS Website

  • Provides general office and administrative support

  • Supports Undergraduate Summer Research Program

  • Supports Major Dinner series


Marianne Chatterton

Finance and Systems Analyst

Marianne holds a BA in music and an MBA in general management, both from UC Davis.  Before coming to the Dean’s Office, she was the Finance Manager for the John W. Gardner Center in the Stanford Graduate School of Education.  Prior to joining Stanford in 2010, Marianne was a contracts and grants analyst in UC Davis' Sponsored Programs Office.  She has worked in non-profit management, education, the arts, and agriculture.


  • Grad Aid Procedure

  • Manages Federal Work Study Program for graduate studies

  • Liaison to Financial Aid and Student Financial Services

  • Systems

  • Finance

  • Surveys

  • Liaison to the office of the University Registrar

  • Data

Beth McKeown, MA

Assistant Dean for Curricular and Academic Support

Beth received her BA degree from UC Davis and her MA in Education from Stanford. After time spent working at Princeton and Tufts Universities, she returned to Stanford and most recently held the position of Student Services Manager within the Department of Psychology in H&S. Beth joined the GUS team in September 2011, filling this newly-created position.


  • Manages curricular review process for all undergraduate, minor, honors, and interdisciplinary degrees within H&S, providing support and guidance to departments and programs
  • Manages WASC and other accreditation compliance for H&S, assisting departments and programs
  • Serves as resource to department and program student services staff
  • Oversees and serves as contact for Individually Designed Major and Individually Designed Honors programs

Ayodele Thomas, PhD

Assistant Dean and Data and Technology Manager for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies and Diversity Programs

Ayodele Thomas received her Bachelor's of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996 and received her MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2000 and 2005 respectively, focusing on polymorphic computer architectures. After completing her doctorate, she decided to work on diversifying the graduate school pipeline and retaining the diversity represented in the current student body in addition to supporting the overall H&S graduate student population. She also teaches a seminar entitled “Graduate Environment of Support: HUMSCI 201” which assists graduate students adapting to the Stanford environment in terms of academic, psychosocial, financial, and career issues.


  • Available to meet with graduate students to discuss any aspect of their graduate career

  • Manages graduate diversity recruitment

  • Implements workshops and programs to improve graduate student success

  • Assists undergraduates from other institutions interested in Stanford graduate programs

  • Teaches fall quarter Graduate Environment of Support Seminar (HUMSCI 201)

  • Liaison to graduate admissions

  • Works with departments and faculty on graduate student recruitment, admissions, and retention

  • Presents workshops on graduate school preparation, funding

  • Manages department diversity funding initiatives

  • Manages Graduate & Undergraduate Studies website and other data and technology initiatives

  • Manages the Graduate Research Opportunity (GRO) Program, Humanities Dissertation Fellowships (Mellon & Whiting) and other named fellowship programs

  • Provides student-related data


Susan Weersing

Associate Dean for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies


  • H&S Grad Aid Policy

  • Graduate Policy

  • Works closely with Offices of Development and Stewardship

  • Works with academic departments and programs on financing curricula and in support of their curricula and their services to students

  • Provides workshops for graduate and undergraduate Student Services Administrators in the Departments and Programs

  • Liaison to Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) for financing of undergraduate education and delivery of programs

  • Liaison to Vice Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE)

  • Manages the office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies and supervises the work of the staff

  • Guides the work of the Assistant Dean and the Data and Finance Analyst

  • Liaison to Senate committees that oversee education

    • Committee on Graduate Studies (C-GS)

    • Committee on Undergraduate Standards and Policy (C-USP)

    • Committee for the Review of Undergraduate Majors (C-RUM)

  • Advises Departments and Programs on advising in the major