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Look for software based on how you want to use it or acquire it. Options range from department purchase or personal purchase, to site-licensed downloads, to free access on public cluster computers. After you make a menu selection, a second menu will appear that allows you to choose an individual product and link to more information.

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Use phrases or modifiers to get a smaller or more controlled set of search results...

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Use this menu to look for software available from a particular campus source. The Software at Stanford database currently includes frequently-requested software available generally to the Stanford community from Information Technology Services, University Procurement (CWA), the University Libraries and Academic Information Resources, and the Stanford Bookstore. Providers not currently represented are invited to submit any items they offer to students, faculty, and/or staff. For more information, contact the staff of the IT Services Software Licensing office.

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Use this menu to get information about products of a particular brand available at Stanford.