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This page keeps track of features that we are working on for the Stanford Web Forms Service, those that have been recently completed, the next set of features to implement and feature requests. If you'd like to request some features, please add them to the bottom of the Feature Requests section. We can't promise all requests will be fulfilled, of course, but we'll try to do our best to make this the most useful tool out there for building forms at Stanford.


Recently Added Features

  • Ability to add drawn lines or extra line breaks to create visual barriers/spacing between groups of related items
  • Ability to include a CSV file of a form submission (useful for working with off)
  • Ability to start a form and save for editing/submission at a later date. Details.
  • Allow the person that submitted the form to receive a copy of their submission.
  • Ability to clone a form.

Upcoming Features

  • Allow re-ordering of fields while editing a form by dragging and dropping

Feature Requests

  • Ability to choose a theme. Selecting a theme has been removed as Brian and I are looking for a better location/way to select and preview the form with a theme. For now, all forms default to the theme "Stanford" or "iframe"
  • Ability to create order forms that have line items, a price and a quantity and that calculate a total. (Not ecommerce, though)
  • Allow user to decide whether the radio and checkboxes are shown horizontally or vertically.
  • Allow one to change a field's type between radio, checkboxes and select lists. Say you start by adding a few items to a radio list, then it starts to grow too long and you figure it really should have been a drop down list. You'd be able to do that.
  • Turn paragraph breaks into HTML for the user rather than forcing people to use HTML. Maybe incorporate Textile or Markdown formatting?
  • Add a warning when editing a live form that changes are reflected immediately
  • List of major/concentrations
  • List of on-campus residences
  • List of buildings on campus
  • Explore Auto-complete fields
  • Provide date field that automatically populates to the current date/time.
  • Provide drop-down menu for staff departments.
  • Provide upload field and browse button for submitting .pdf, .doc, .xls files
  • Be able to have more than one form item on a line
  • When we receive the email notification, be able to reply to the sender directly. Currently, it is showing (Maybe set Reply To:) - Add a checkbox to use the SUNetID of the user (so the form needs to be behind webauth), or to use a required email field for the From: field. Make this optional as this change might break some people's workflow.
  • Add a word counter for large text fields.
  • Have a drop-down list that routes the results of the email to different email addresses based on the choice made
  • Add a cancel button that reloads the form builder and invalidates the changes just made.
  • Interface user access with Workgroup Manager webapp.
  • Ability to define fields either strictly alpha or numeric, along with the current default alpha-numeric.
  • Ability to import a set of values, one per line, to be used when creating radio buttons, checkboxes and or select lists with lots of items.
  • Ability to set the value returned by select lists.
  • Ability to enter the SUNetIDs of people you want to share the form with. Ideally, use workgroups. (Note: not all functions will be available to people added this way as they might not have permissions to publish the form to all the same locations as the creator of the form).
  • Add an instructions field for form elements, in addition to the label.
  • Ability to automatically export data from the database, periodically.
  • While viewing data, pin the questions at the top so that when scrolling up and down through the entries, the top header (the questions / field names) are always visible. Also allow scrolling left to right without having to scroll to the bottom (which can be quite a ways if you have lots of entries).
  • Ability to bulk/mass add entries for drop-down boxes/radio buttons via copy and paste from a line delimited source.
  • Ability to "check all" items in the Data Viewer interface for faster deletion of all entries.
  • Ability to limit the number of entries accepted
  • Ability to "close" or retire a form, complete with custom message, without having to delete the fields
  • Forms can be set to "save and continue later", but that requires them to be behind WebAuth so that a person's incomplete submission can be associated with their SUNetID. Can an additional scheme be devised that allows for the same functionality for non-Stanford users?
  • Allow forms to be updateable indefinitely. A person submits a form, the admin can see this form, but the user can still retrieve the form, change it, and re-submit it. Bonus: keep revision history.
  • Add sample forms to get people started (e.g. contact form, survey). Allow people to clone them and make them their own. Allow people to share forms they've created with others as templates.
  • Allow the submit button text to be changed.
  • Ability to report on the percentage of people that checked a particular option in a set of checkboxes.
  • Ability to add a message to the confirmation email.
  • Ability to add a "other" field to multiple choice questions
  • Ability to print the form / download it as a PDF
  • Bold headings on emails to admin so that they are easier to read.
  • Include section headings and content in email (if desired, so that users can distinguish between different sections of the form that might have the same field names.
  • Don't select the first radio button by default.

Features Implemented since Launch

  • HTML5 inputs
  • Increased size of confirmation text area to 10K
  • Allow more than one email to be entered in the field for email notifications of new submissions.
  • Include IP address (Remote Host) of user in the .csv/.xls files, for use in detecting ballot box stuffing.
  • Increased character limit for element labels to 1000 characters.
  • Auto-fill Name and Email address if the form is behind Webauth
  • A new URL field which when added will only take valid URLs as values
  • Ability to add existing forms to your list of forms through a URL
  • Display/Allow Download of SUNetID (if available) from the data viewer
  • Ability to delete database entries
  • Ability to change/set the subject line for emails sent when someone submits a form
  • Better help information
  • Survey component
  • Ability to delete forms (you can now have up to 25 forms) DONE
  • Ability to logout of the form manager (will, however, log you out of all sessions on the WWW's) DONE
  • Service Page DONE - Thanks Dave!
  • Ability to export data into CSV files. DONE
  • Provide instructions on embedding forms into other pages
  • Provide instruction on protecting the form with Webauth
  • Allow more than one SUNet user to access/edit forms and their associated data.
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