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General discussion of template issues

  • Drupal cannot optimize the @import CSS files.

Moved all CSS references to (ver 1.4)

Suggest improvements: layout

  • Is there a way to make the address in the footer customizable? a few people wanted to change the text there.
Allow users to create a copyright block in the footer region. (ver 1.4)

Add the following text to "calendar" block.

<p class="vcard">&copy; <span class="fn org">Stanford University</span>. <span class="adr">450 Serra Mall, <span class="locality">Stanford</span>, <span class="region">California</span> <span class="postal-code">94305</span>. <span class="tel">(650) 723-2300</span></span>. <a href="">Terms of Use</a> | <a href="">Copyright Complaints</a></p>

  • Perhaps the "banner.jpg" image on the front page could also be configurable or at least disablable in the theme?
  • Perhaps an option to change the images for the block headers?
  • What is the best way to add additional regions? 9/23/09

Template changes to the stanford theme may be overwritten using the collaboration tools upgrade. A sub-theme within the stanford theme directory is probably the way to go. See the Stanford Administrative Theme for code suggestions to create your own sub-theme. 9/23/09

Suggest improvements: new design elements

  • The sidebar icon images are smaller than the ones on the homepage.

The sidebar images have been resized to match the ones on the homepage. (ver 1.4)
Added calendar icon image (ver 1.4)

Suggest improvements: code/implementation (technical)

  • A really minor point: this should ship with the "use the default shortcut icon" option checked at admin/build/themes/settings/stanford. -John Bickar, 4.21.09
  • It would be useful to have detailed instructions on where to upload the primary.css, secondary.css, etc, files so that the Drupal Stanford Modern theme works for those layouts when setting up the Drupal site. Do I need to put the entire primary_nav and secondary_nav folder into the themes folder? Also, what is the process for placing the html from the Dreamweaver file into the Drupal pages. In other drupal sites, only the body content is used, not any header info. So, does the header need to be included in the body of the Drupal page for the Stanford Modern theme so that the css files can be used for that page?

Thank you for the feedback. At this point, I recommend creating a custom Drupal theme if you would like to create Drupal pages in the primary or secondary look and feel. You'll want to modify the file to include additional CSS references. I'll be adding the primary and secondary format styles to the next release of the Stanford Drupal theme. -Brian Young, 11.30.09

Suggest improvements: accessibility

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