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The Stanford Web Application Toolkit (SWAT) is a set of tools designed to assist Stanford web developers in creating secure and robust PHP-based web applications. It gives the programmer straightforward methods for connecting to the database, searching the directory, authorization, sending e-mail, handling file uploads, defending against SPAM, and other common-but-often-tedious tasks. SWAT has three primary goals: security, accessibility, and ease of use. The toolkit is broken down into several modules.




This module functions as a light framework for Stanford web applications. Using StanfordApp, you may load a YAML-formatted configuration file with your site's basic information, database configuration, and other settings.


A simple extension of PHP's MySQLi, this module greatly simplifies database-related functionality at Stanford. Enabling MySQL-based sessions is one line of code, and turning on encryption is just as easy.

StanfordDirectory / StanfordPerson



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