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2015 Summer Dates

These dates are applicable only for students taking placement tests BEFORE fall quarter. During the academic year, please disregard these dates and proceed to the online testing site.

Last Name: Testing Period

A-C: June 8 - 28

D-F: June 29 - July 9

G-J: July 10 - 20

K-M: July 21 - 29

N-Q: July 30 - August 6

R-U: August 7 - 17

V-Z: August 18 - 29


Tests are available online according to the schedule above. Please complete the test during the time frame that corresponds to your last name. If you cannot meet this schedule, please contact If you have any difficulties with the online placement tests or if you experience any problems logging on to a test, please send an e-mail that provides details about the problems you are experiencing.

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